QC Terme is the largest and most innovative group in Italy's spa tourism sector and a real leader in the "Made in Italy" wellness world. Founded in 1982, the group offers unique and exclusive experiences by designing, building and running spas and wellness centers where the philosophy of ancient Rome is revived.


The QC Terme centers are located in Rome, Bormio (New Baths and Old Baths), Pré Saint Didier, Milan, Turin and San Pellegrino. All QC Terme facilities boast elegant architecture combined harmoniously with the latest technology to offer multisensory packages where you can indulge in peaceful moments of relaxation.





For all types of spa services and wellness treatments:


  • EUR 1 = 3 miles


For a stay in a QC Terme hotel with spa services and wellness treatments:


  • EUR 1 = 4 miles




Miles will be credited 40 days after the date you visit the spa and/or have the treatments.   For more information, visit the website www.qcterme.it