The Program

Everything you need to know about the MilleMiglia Program: from dedicated services to exclusive privileges for you and your family.


A new feature out today: you can add a digital version of your MilleMiglia Card to the wallet on your smartphone! You'll always have your MilleMiglia Card at the touch of your fingertips!


Just 3 simple steps:



Download the Alitalia App from App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

If the App is already on your smartphone, check that you've got the latest release. Get the update just to make sure!




Open the Alitalia App and login by tapping the man icon in the top right-hand corner. Enter your MILLEMIGLIA CODE and your PIN to access your MilleMiglia profile.
If you are already logged in with your username and password credentials, you need to exit and log in with the correct credentials, so as to have all the information available.

Forgotten your PIN? Recover it here by entering your MilleMiglia code and surname.




To add your Card, scroll down the screen and tap the “Add to Apple Wallet” icon or “G Pay | Save the phone”* and that's it!
Your Card will be added to the wallet on your smartphone, always at the touch of your fingertips!

And if you have an AppleWatch, it's even simpler because it's there on your wrist.


The MilleMiglia Digital Card allows you to have immediate access to the following information:


  • first name and surname
  • MilleMiglia code
  • Exclusive Club membership and expiry date
  • special note if it's a “Corporate” card with immediate access to dedicated services
  • QR-code to access SkyPriority services


When you travel with your MilleMiglia digital Card, it will be easier and faster to access all the services of your relevant Exclusive Club, such as access to Lounges or have immediate availability of SkyPriority services.


With your MilleMiglia code always available, it will also be easier to earn miles with our Partner Airlines and Business Partners**.


Add your MilleMiglia digital card straightaway!



* For Android smartphones you need to have Google Pay installed on your phone. It is not included in the standard operating system, so it needs to be downloaded before you can add your MilleMiglia digital Card via the “G Pay | Save the phone” button.


** The digital Card cannot be used for crediting miles earned with the ENI and ADR Business Partners; for these you will still need to provide your traditional MilleMiglia Card.


FAQ MilleMiglia digital card

I can't remember my MilleMiglia code. How can I recover it?
You can contact the MilleMiglia Customer Service (and hold on when you are prompted to enter your Card number): an operator will check your personal information and give you your MilleMiglia code.
Alternatively, you can also find your MilleMiglia code indicated in all the email communications you receive from the Program.

What should I do if I haven't received my secret PIN code or if I've forgotten it?
Via the on-line Recover your PIN function, you can ask for the PIN to be sent to you. You will receive an e-mail containing your PIN via the email address registered in your profile.
Qualora il tuo indirizzo email non fosse aggiornato, puoi inviare la richiesta di modifica a, allegando un documento di identità.

I registered with the MilleMiglia Program using my username and password credentials. How can I find out what my PIN is?
The PIN linked to your MilleMiglia code is in the Welcome e-mail confirming your registration with the Program. If you no longer have your Welcome email, you can recover your PIN via the Recover PIN function. You will need to enter your MilleMiglia code and the surname you gave during registration. You will receive an email containing your PIN via the email address registered in your profile.

I've already downloaded the Alitalia App. Can I add my MilleMiglia Card to the wallet on my smartphone?
Yes. Check that you have the latest version of the App. If after logging in, you do not see the wallet button, you will need to update the App through the store for your smartphone.

I can't see the button used to add my Card to the wallet on my smartphone. What do I need to do?
If you can't see the “Add to Apple Wallet” icon (for Apple devices) or the “G Pay | Save the phone” icon (for Android devices), it means the App on your smartphone needs to be updated. Download the latest version from App Store or Google Play Store and the button will become available.

I have an Android smartphone, how do I add the card to my wallet?
To add the card to your wallet you need to have Google Pay installed on your smartphone. If you haven't, you need to tap on the “G Pay | Save the phone” icon and you will be asked to proceed with installation. Follow the steps and once the installation is complete, you can then add your MilleMiglia digital Card to the wallet on your smartphone.

I logged on to the Alitalia App with my “username and password” credentials and added my Card to the wallet, but I can't see my MilleMiglia code. How come?
To view your MilleMiglia digital Card correctly you need to download the latest version of the App, login with your MilleMiglia code and PIN and add your Card to the wallet on your smartphone.

The MilleMiglia digital Card I added to the wallet on my smartphone does not show my correct Exclusive Club membership (Ulisse, Freccia Alata, Freccia Alata Plus): how come?
To update all the contents on the MilleMiglia digital Card added to your wallet (example: transition to an Exclusive Club), you need to add the Card to the wallet again, using the “Add to Apple Wallet” (for Apple devices) or “G Pay | Save the phone” (for Android devices).