Choose Avis for your rentals!

From 15 October to 31 December 2020, book your rental in Italy or Europe for at least 2 days and you will be rewarded with a bonus of 3,000 miles in addition to standard miles.


Rent safely and serenely with Avis, book your rentals now online or by calling the AVIS call centre on 199 100133* from Italy (or +39 06 45 21 08 391 from abroad) communicating the AVIS discount code shown in the table:

Membership Club AVIS discount code





Freccia Alata


Freccia Alata Plus


And remember that until 15 December you can modify or cancel your bookings for free.


* Paying number at urban tariff for those calling from fixed network, at variable cost depending on the operator for those calling from mobile network.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bonus miles will be awarded on all rentals, with a minimum duration of 2 days, made from 15 October 2020 to 31 December 2020 in Italy and in Europe with Avis.
  • In order to receive the Miles Bonus credit, it is necessary to communicate the Avis discount code of your MilleMiglia Club.
  • At the time of rental, it is necessary to show your MilleMiglia card or communicate your MilleMiglia code.
  • Bonus miles, obtained during the promotion period, will be credited together with standard miles differentiated according to the MilleMiglia Club you belong to.
  • Miles will be credited within 4 months from the end of the rental period.
  • Members will be entitled to back-credit miles by requesting them 4 months after the end of the rental date.
  • Standard miles and bonus miles will not be credited on replacement rentals, incoming rentals booked through tour operators and monthly rentals.