Le Cliniche Odontoiatriche


LCO — Le Cliniche Odontoiatriche was founded in 2010 as a highly innovative operator in the dental sector.


Starting with the ambitious project of setting up dental practices across Italy, there are now three active clinics in Rome, two in Milan, one in Genoa, one in Mestre, one in Padua and one in Pistoia.


Through its clinics, LCO offers patients top-quality service with highly skilled medical professionals and well-trained staff. All of the clinics use highly innovative and scientifically approved dental procedures, which are continuously monitored by our dentists and ensure the safety of the rooms, equipment and appliances and, particularly, compliance with all health and hygiene regulations, with absolutely no architectural barriers.






For all services offered by LCO — Le Cliniche Odontoiatriche, MilleMiglia Members will earn miles as follows:


EUR 1 spent = 2 miles






Miles will be credited within 45 days of the date the medical service is paid for.

For more information, visit the website or book an appointment at www.lco.it