InTaxi is an innovative app for calling a taxi easily, quickly, just by clicking, in the major Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa and Udine.

When Programme Members use InTaxi, they accumulate, for each day and each trip:


4 miles for each Euro spent

for Club Ulisse, Freccia Alata, and Freccia Alata Plus members

3 miles for each Euro spent

for MilleMiglia members


available for iOs and Android devices. On completion of the quick registration process, an SMS will arrive with the code to enable your phone to call a taxi immediately.


By using the InTaxi app, you can also:


  • Have the miles credited automatically, by entering your MilleMiglia code in the “Carte Fedeltà” menu
  • Pay the taxi from the app, by entering your credit card data in the “Payment Methods” menu, thereby avoiding having to use cash
  • Book a trip for a specific day and time
  • Personalise your taxi options, indicating how many people will be included, luggage to be transported, whether a driver is required who can speak English, or whether an animal needs to be transported
  • Contact the call centre directly for dedicated 24/7 assistance, even when making a booking


In addition, Companies can manage their convention code and cost centre using the innovative “Globix” payment system, a consumption-based subscription with electronic vouchers and real-time accounting.


To obtain your miles you can also provide the taxi driver with your MilleMiglia code when paying.


The miles will be credited within 2 days of completion of the trip. Should the miles not be credited, call 02 861735 or write to, providing the details of the trip made.


In the two largest cities in Italy, beside using the app, you can also call for a taxi via the call centre, using the following numbers:

06 6645 ROME

The Prontotaxi 6645 (in Italian) cooperative was set up in 1974. Today, its fleet of taxis comprises about 1,350 vehicles, many of which are hybrid, with an ever increasing number of fully electric vehicles.

All the taxis have GPS locating and a POS unit that allows for any electronic payment system.

02 8585 MILAN

Radio Taxi 028585 (in italian) was the first radio taxi company set up more than 60 years ago, and has grown in step with Milan’s development ever since. It has a fleet of about 1,500 vehicles, all with a POS unit, and a call centre with 21 latest-generation workstations, ready to respond to any requests the client may have.


  • InTaxi has a fleet of more than 3,00 taxis, mostly hybrid or electric, in the major cities in Italy.
  • InTaxi has an innovative app for booking or calling a taxi by simply clicking, choosing from the wide range of options available.
  • Thanks to its cutting-edge app, InTaxi makes it possible to immediately see the available taxis closest to the caller’s position.