When Programme Members use WeTaxi, they accumulate, for each day and each trip:

4 miles for each Euro spent

for Club Ulisse, Freccia Alata, and Freccia Alata Plus members

3 miles for each Euro spent

for MilleMiglia members

When paying for the first trip using the app, after they have downloaded it and associated their MilleMiglia code with it, Members will receive 250 bonus miles.



available for iOs and Android devices. Having completed the quick registration process, to automatically earn the miles, you must associate your MilleMiglia code, using the “Other” menu, and providing the following details:


  • Surname
  • MilleMiglia code


Please note: when entering the surname field, do not enter accented letters or special characters (for example, for Viganò enter Vigano’).


By adding an electronic payment method (Credit Card, Satispay, PayPal), Wetaxi makes it possible to use the innovative Maximum Guaranteed Tariff service, for trips paid for using the app:


  • A taxi can be called by simply selecting the departure and destination points in the app. 
  • The app will indicate the maximum cost for the trip selected.
  • Once the trip is over, the lesser of the fair indicated by the app and that provided by the taximeter will always be charged.

Other WeTaxi app functions:


  • First trip discount: all new clients can make use of a 30% discount, up to a maximum of € 5, for the first trip paid for using the app.
  • Invite a friend: invite a friend in the “Earn credit” section, and you will both receive € 5 credit to use for subsequent trips.
  • Choose the payment method using the app or paying on board the taxi


In addition, if Business Clients enter their VAT number, they can receive an account for the trips made by e-mail at the end of the month, and make use of the 5% Cashback promotion, which allows them to accumulate credit that can be spent in 2022, for all trips made up to 31 December 2021.


By using the WeTaxi app, MilleMiglia Members in Rome can ask for a vehicles provided by the Samarcanda cooperative.


The miles will be credited within 2 days of completion of the trip. Should the miles not be credited, write to, providing the details of the trip made.



  • WeTaxi is an app for calling a taxi, used in more than 25 Italian cities,
  • WeTaxi offers a Maximum Guaranteed Tariff for trips paid for using the app: the lesser of the fare calculated by the app and that indicated by the taximeter is always charged.
  • WeTaxi offers a 5% Cashback to all Business clients who enter their VAT number in the app. The credit accumulated for trips made up to 31 December 2021, can be spent in 2022.