The Program

Everything you need to know about the MilleMiglia Program: from dedicated services to exclusive privileges for you and your family.


We would like to remind you that the current edition of the MilleMiglia Program has been extended to 31 December 2020.

The MilleMiglia Program has been enriched with lots of opportunities for you!


The initiative allowing you to sum together some of the qualifying miles earned in 2018 to your 2019 account takes off again.

The qualifying miles you earned in 2018 and which, on 30 April, are exceeding the threshold of miles required to access your Exclusive Club won’t be lost: they’ll virtually help you reach the entry threshold to the Exclusive Clubs in 2019.

For example:

  • Your Club on 30 April: Ulisse Club
  • Qualifying Miles earned in 2018: 30,000
  • Standard entry threshold to Ulisse Club: 20,000 miles
  • Miles counted as 2019 Rollover: 30,000-20,000 = 10,000 miles


  1.  The Rollover initiative is available on a promotional basis from 1st May to 31st December 2019.
  2. The initiative is reserved for Members who, during 2018, accrued qualifying miles higher the standard entry threshold of the Exclusive Clubs.
  3. The initiative allows to count virtually in the total qualifying miles for 2019, the qualifying miles accrued during 2018 that exceed the standard threshold of the Club to which the Member belongs on 30 April 2019.
  4. Qualifying miles available thanks to the Rollover initiative will be counted starting from 1st May 2019 for the sole purpose of reaching the entry threshold to the Exclusive Clubs.
  5. The Freccia Alata Plus Club status obtained with the Rollover initiative does not contribute to the calculation for the achievement of the Freccia Alata Plus Per Sempre status.
  6. The initiative is not valid in case of facilitated access to the Exclusive Clubs obtained with different criteria than the standard of the Program.


An important addition for 2019 dedicated to female Members of the Exclusive Clubs!

If, from 1 January to 31 December 2019, your life is made happier by a new birth or an adoption, or you foster a child, you are entitled to request and benefit from an extra year of membership to your Exclusive Club.

To apply for the initiative, please send the following via email to


  • your name and surname
  • your MilleMiglia code
  • a copy of a valid ID
  • a copy of the child’s birth certificate or certificate of adoption or of fostering


The information thus collected will be evaluated and, in the case of a positive outcome, extension of your membership to your Exclusive Club will be confirmed via email. After verification, all documents received will be destroyed to guarantee the Privacy of applying Members.


1.       The MilleMiglia Maternity initiative is exclusively reserved to all female Members of Ulisse, Freccia Alata or Freccia Alata Plus Clubs whose card expires on 31 March 2020 (or 2021) and who have given birth or adopted or fostered a child during the calendar year of 2019.

2.       The initiative provides for the extension of validity of the status of Member and respective card for one year and only applies where the status of Member has been achieved by reaching the standard qualifying thresholds defined in the Program for the years 2018 or 2019.

3.       The status achieved by means of this initiative shall not be valid for inclusion in the calculation of the ten consecutive years required to earn the ‘Freccia Alata Plus Per Sempre’ Card.

4.       The initiative is available as a promotion from 1 January to 31 December 2019. The date of birth or adoption or fostering of the child must fall within this period of time.

5.       To take advantage of this benefit and get a one-year extension of validity of the card, the following documents must be sent via email to  by 31 December 2019:

6.       Name, Surname and MilleMiglia code of the Member

7.       A copy of a valid ID of the Member

8.       A copy of the child’s birth certificate or certificate of adoption or of fostering

9.       The documents must be either in Italian or in English, though translations into English of documents in other foreign languages will be accepted.

10.   All documents will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating the Members’ eligibility to the initiative and will be destroyed within a month of the end of the verification procedure.

11.   Extension of card validity will be confirmed via email to the contact address provided in the Member’s personal profile. The new card will be sent to the postal address present in the Alitalia systems within four weeks of the status extension in the same systems.

Take advantage of the new features the MilleMiglia Program has reserved for you!