Enjoy a Stopover in the Eternal City!


Imagine taking a long flight, landing at the airport in Rome just a few kilometers from the Eternal City, but not visiting it. It really would be a shame!


If you are travelling to Rome before continuing your journey to another destination in the Alitalia network, take advantage of our Stopover offer: without paying any additional fee on the cost of the flights, you can enjoy a stop-off for up to three nights in Rome for flights up to 31 December 2019.


Experience Rome as the Romans do!


Start with a stroll through a landscape that is unique in the world: beginning from the Colosseum, walk across the Imperial Fora to arrive at the Piazza Venezia with its Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument. Then if you love shopping, the Via Del Corso is a must see. If you're more interested in history and art, on the other hand, then don't miss out on the Trevi Fountain and a selfie at the Piazza di Spagna in front of the most famous steps in the world, the Spanish Steps. Have you ever visited the smallest state in the world, the Vatican? The center of Christianity, with St. Peter's Basilica in front of Bernini's colonnade, a peerless combination of spirituality and art (Raphael, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and  Bramante, just to mention a few of the artists who have worked on the basilica).


You are bound to have developed a bit of an appetite after all that walking around. The best thing to do is make your way to Trastevere, the heart of Roman nightlife; get lost in the streets on the hunt for the flavors of times past and let yourself be blown away by the traditional cooking in one of the numerous taverns, which offer a wide range of dishes including la pajata, spaghetti carbonara, artichokes, abbacchio alla romana, suppli and a vast array of different pizzas. And if you still have enough energy left, why not finish off the day at Testacio, where you can unwind in one of the numerous trendy bars.


Have we convinced you yet? That was easy enough! So how can you take advantage of this opportunity?

It's very simple:


1) Check whether the Stopover offer applies to your flight.


long haul destinations, except USA, Canada and Mexico

2) Phone the call center to book the offer for a flight with a Stopover

3) ) If you want, you can also book your room directly on the site of our partner hotels via the link our operator will send you via email (¹). This will be available to you at a special price, subject to availability and according to the terms and conditions provided on the website of the hotel.

4) Print the email sent to you by the Alitalia Customer Center and your Alitalia flight ticket and take them to the hotel with you



So what are you waiting for? Make your Rome your next stop-off point for a moment in time to remember!


*subject to availability






1) How much does the Stopover offer cost?

✓ For destinations indicated in the offer, a stopover at Rome for up to three nights has no additional cost


2) How can I book a ticket with the Stopover offer?

✓ Contact the Alitalia call centers via the numbers provided here


3) How can I book a hotel?

✓ When you book the plane ticket with a Stopover, the operator from the Alitalia Customer Center will send you a link via email to the website of the Hotel Sheraton Parco de' Medici. You should follow this link to make a booking at the discounted rate and under the terms and conditions described on the website of the hotel. 


4) How many nights can I stay in Rome with the Stopover offer?

✓ Up to a maximum of three nights / four days


5) Will there be a service shuttle from the airport to the partner hotels?

✓ Please contact the partner hotel for further details


6) Will there be a transport service from the partner hotels to the center of Rome?

✓ Please contact the partner hotel for further details


7) Can I only book the Stopover offer on the outgoing journey?

✓ No, it is possible to book the Stopover offer in both directions of travel (outgoing and/or return)


8) I have a codeshare flight with a partner airline. Can I book the Stopover offer?

✓ No, the Stopover offer is only valid on Alitalia flights operated by Alitalia


9) I have a stopover at an airport that is not Rome Fiumicino. Can I use the Stopover offer?

✓ No, the Stopover offer is only available for flights with a transfer at Rome Fiumincino


10) Can I purchase the Stopover offer at a travel agent?

✓ Yes, please consult your travel agent


11) Is the offer valid for all passenger types?

✓  Yes, up to a maximum of nine passengers for the same booking


12) How long is the Stopover offer valid for?

✓ For flights with an itenerary that will be completed by 31 December 2019