Due to domestic and international travel limitations, we recommend checking the entry restrictions of the destination country or region on the respective regional/governmental websites and on the IATA website available here




In accordance with the provisions of the British Government, whilst national restrictions are in place, you can only travel internationally from England for legally permitted reasons, such as work . This does not include holidays. Additionally, you must complete a travel declaration form and carry it with you along with any evidence supporting the reason for your trip. You may be required to show the form at the port of departure.

Lack of a valid reason for travelling may result in a denied boarding. Failure to observe the above-mentioned provision is an offence and may result in a fine. For all information please refer to the British Government website.

For passengers travelling to Italy, as indicated in the Ordinance of the Italian Ministry of Health of 9 January 2021, flights departing from the United Kingdom will only board travellers who are Italian residents or have absolute necessity to travel. At the time of boarding, passengers must present a certificate for a negative molecular (RT PCR) or antigenic test, carried out in the 72 hours before boarding. Upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino airport, passengers will be required to undergo a second antigen test and, regardless of the outcome, will need to carry out a 14-day quarantine.

If your flight was cancelled due to the Ministry of Health Ordinance of 20 December 2020 and you rescheduled your trip for January, you can change your booking again, without penalty, by calling the toll-free number 800.65.00.55 (from Italy) or + 39.06.65649 (from abroad).

For information about restrictions and requirements for flights to the United Kingdom please visit


As indicated in the latest regulations of the British Authorities, all passengers arriving in the United Kingdom from Countries not belonging to the Common Travel Area, including UK nationals and residents, must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test carried out no more than 3 days before departure. The certificate will only be accepted if in English, Spanish or French language. 

Additionally, all passengers, irrespective of their provenance, must:

  • complete online the Passenger Locator Form in the 48 hours preceding their arrival in the United Kingdom
  • undergo, upon arrival in the UK, a 10-day period of quarantine. Exceptions to this rule are listed on the British Authorities website.
  • book, before departure, a package of two Covid 19-tests (Travel Test Package) to take on day 2 and 8 of their 10-day compulsory quarantine
  • if you quarantine in England, it is possible to opt into the Test to Release program which allows to reduce the isolation period to 5 days. For further information visit the page:
  • if in the 10 days preceding your arrival in the United Kingdom, you visited one of the Countries of this red list, you must have a valid Managed Quarantine Facility booked prior to departure

We remind you that, on public transport in the UK, it is a legal requirement that you wear a protective face mask.

Failure to comply with the above measures is a criminal offence and you could be fined. Please visit for detailed public health advice and requirements for entering the UK.

For complete information please visit


In line with the Ordinance of the President of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia No. 5 of 5 March 2021, from Monday 8 March, passengers for flights to Sardinia must register prior to boarding by using the online form found on the website of the Region of Sardinia

Either at check-in or during boarding, a copy of the registration receipt must be submitted together with the boarding pass and a valid identity document.

In addition, it is necessary to comply with one of the following conditions laid down in Article 4 of the Ordinance:

  • to declare to have had the vaccine (both doses);
  • to declare to have had a test with a negative result in the 48 hours prior to departure;
  • to have a rapid antigen test upon arrival at the dedicated areas at the airport, or a molecular test within 48 hours of entering the regional territory, at an authorized (public or accredited private) facility;
  • to observe an obligatory period of isolation of ten days, with the responsibility to communicate this to your general practitioner, to a paediatrician of your choice or, for non-residents, to the territorially responsible healthcare company via the toll-free number.


In addition, with Ordinance No. 9 of 17 March 2021, the Region of Sardinia has ordered that entry into the region for non-residents to go to "second homes" is allowed only for proven work needs, situations of necessity and/or documented reasons that cannot be postponed, or for health reasons. In the absence of such requirements, boarding may be denied on flights to Sardinia.

For further information please send an email to or contact the toll-free number: 800 180 977.



Italy is divided into colored areas based on the epidemiological risk; different rules apply, depending on the colour. The update is carried out weekly and is determined by the curve of the infections. Click here for more information and details.





From 15 June, it is mandatory to complete the self-certification form, before boarding, which certifies that you have not had contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Self-certification is digital and can be completed during your online check-in. You can find all the info here.


Don't worry if you don't have the option to check in online: you can always download the paper form here and go to the airport with the self-certification already completed in each field, for each passenger and for each route.


If, on the other hand, you are returning from outside of Italy, in addition to the COVID-19 self-certification form, you also need to complete a second form, with two printed paper copies: one to be handed to Alitalia staff at the time of your departure and one, on request, to be given to the State Police upon your arrival in Italy.

  • To download the "Return from Abroad" (except USA) form, please click here
  • To download the "Return from USA" form, please here


We remind you that it is necessary to complete the self-certification for each passenger and each leg of the journey.


In order to speed up check-in and boarding processes, we recommend arriving at the airport with the forms already printed and completed.


Failure to complete all the required field of the form or the presence of non-compliant declarations will result in a boarding ban.






The airport authorities have arranged for the temporary closure of Terminal 1 at Rome Fiumicino Airport from 17 March. Alitalia operations will be carried out at Terminal 3, which remains operational.





Only passengers with standard travel tickets will be able to enter Terminal 3; with the exception of minor passengers and passengers with reduced mobility, people will not be allowed to escort passengers to the terminal.



Access to the Departures area will be allowed from 5 am to 11:59 pm through Gate 5, or from the station/terminal walkway for those arriving by train. All other access points will be out of bounds.

The outbound flow from the Departures area will be allowed via Gate 3 or the terminal/station walkway.


Access to the Arrivals area will be allowed from 3.30 am to 11.59 pm through Entrance Gate 4. Outbound flow from the Arrivals area will be allowed via Gate 2. The station/terminal underpass will be out of bounds in both directions.

All access to the Terminal area is subject to a body temperature check. The temperature of the person should not exceed 37.5°C. Temperature measurement will be carried out using a thermoscanner.


There are 15 check-in desks available for our customers:

  • If you are flying Business Class or Premium Economy, or if you are a SkyPriority passenger, you can check in at the reserved desks 166 – 168
  • If you are traveling to the United States of America, you should check in at desks 154 – 156
  • Unaccompanied minors will be able to proceed to desk 166 to receive dedicated assistance
  • All other passengers will be able to go to the desks 169 - 177


Boarding operations are carried out at Concourse E in the following way: 

  • gates E1-E18 will be dedicated to domestic and Schengen Area flights;
  • gates E19-E24 will be dedicated to flights to Non-Schengen countries

Concourses B and D will continue to remain temporarily closed.


Customers with lounge access can collect a complimentary voucher at the SkyPriority desks in Terminal 3.