Schedule changes and refunds for flights from 15 October

Following the procedure for the sale of the "Aviation" Branch of “Alitalia - Società Aerea Italiana Spa” in extraordinary administration to the fully public owned company Italia Trasporto Aereo S.p.A., the Ministry of Economic Development has authorized Alitalia to stop ticket sales and, as a consequence, to interrupt flight activities starting from 15 October 2021, being the initial date of the new flagship carrier operations.


As a result, Alitalia is offering passengers holding an Alitalia ticket (055) for flights purchased on all Alitalia Markets:


  • by and not after 24 August 2021;  
  • with a travel date from 15 October 2021; 
  • to/from any destination/origin worldwide


that have been canceled, the forms of assistance and reimbursement below, of their choice: 


  • change of booking (rebooking or rerouting - or modification of the itinerary to reach the original destination or return to the point of origin of the trip), without fare integration, on a flight that can be used by the passenger, by 14 October 2021 (final date of return);                           
  • change of destination with possible fare integration, to travel by 14 October 2021 (final date of return). There is no refund for differences in the fare. 


Change of destination will only be possible: 

  • for tickets that are IN ITALY, for destinations that are IN ITALY
  • for tickets that are INTERNATIONAL, for destinations that are INTERNATIONAL


To adjust or change the booking, passengers can phone the Call Center calling the toll-free number 800.65.00.55 from Italy, calling the number +39 06.65.649 from abroad or using the local numbers available on our website or alternatively contact the travel agency that issued the ticket



If they are unable or not interested in rescheduling, passengers can request the full refund, without penalty, of the price at which the ticket was purchased or the residual value of the ticket for the journey not yet made. The request will be accepted and defined as soon as possible, in accordance with Regulation EC261/2004. 



To request a full refund, passengers who have purchased tickets on the Alitalia website will be able to click on link found in the cancellation notification message.    

To request a partial refund, passengers can phone the Call Center calling the toll-free number 800.65.00.55 from Italy, calling the number +39 06.65.649 from abroad or using the local numbers available on our website Passengers who have purchased a ticket at a travel agency can contact their travel agent directly. 






Passengers in possession of MilleMiglia award tickets with a travel date from 15 October 2021 to/from any destination/origin around the world, booked on a canceled flight, can: 


  • contact the Call Center to rebook, without penalty, on Alitalia flights or flights operated by SkyTeam Partners and other Frequent Flyer Partners by 14 October 2021 (last date of return);
  • request a change of destination, with mileage integration if necessary, on either operational AZ flights or operational flights of SkyTeam Partners and other Frequent Flyer Partners to fly within 14 October 2021 (last date of return). 


Passengers who want to give up the trip can request the re-credit of the miles, the refund of taxes and surcharges, by clicking on the link present in the cancelation notification message.                                                                                   






Passengers holding Alitalia TravelPass tickets (055), booked on Alitalia (AZ) cancelled flights, purchased Worldwide:



  • purchased on or before August 24th, 2021;
  • with travel dates as of October 15th, 2021;
  • from/to all destinations served by Alitalia;


may choose one of the following options:


  • change of booking (rebooking or rerouting – same destination) to reach the original destination, without penalty, on a flight suitable for the passenger, within October 14th, 2021 (last return date);
  • In case of unavailability to travel within October 14th, 2021 (last return date), passengers will be entitled to contact Alitalia Contact Center and ask for refund, with no penalty, for an amount equal to the value of the ticket.


Passengers holding Alitalia TravelPass packages, totally unused or partially used, purchased worldwide:


  • purchased on or before October 14th 2021;
  • with validity later than October 14th 2021


may choose one of the following options:


  • use of package totally unused or partially used within October 14th 2021
    Reservations must be made and tickets must be issued and used within October 14th 2021 (last return date).
    The parameters chosen during the package purchase (Destination/Travel zone, Passengers, Number of flights, Travel period, Advance booking, Black-out dates) cannot be changed.
  • In case passengers can’t use Alitalia TravelPass package within October 14th 2021, they will be entitled to contact Alitalia Contact Center and ask for package refund, with no penalty, for an amount equal to the value of the package (if totally unused) or its residual value (if partially unused).                          


To request a refund, passengers should contact the Call Center calling the toll-free number 800.65.00.55 from Italy, calling the number +39 06.65.649 from abroad or using the local numbers available on our website


For more information on passenger rights, please see here.