Miles with financial partners

Transfer your bank or credit cards Points to request miles.


Moneyfarm allows Members of the Program to earn miles by subscribing investment plans that allow them to obtain miles based on the conversion rate


1 mile = 5 euro invested


Miles will also be obtained in the event of subsequent additions to the investment, calculated on the new invested capital.


For Members who subscribe a plan with Moneyfarm for the first time, there is also a special Welcome Bonus, based on the initial investment:


Initial investment

Welcome Bonus

From € 5,000 to € 14,999

3,000 miles

From € 15,000 to € 24,999

10,000 miles

From € 25,000 to € 39,999

15,000 miles

From € 40,000 to € 69,999

20,000 miles

From € 70,000 to € 124,999

30,000 miles

From € 125,000 to € 199,999

50,000 miles

From € 200,000 to € 599,999

80,000 miles

More than € 500,000:

100,000 miles


Miles obtained from the initial investment, or subsequent additions, will be automatically added to your MilleMiglia account 60 days after the payment dates.


To earn miles this way, you need to:

-          be registered with Moneyfarm

-          create a new investment plan

-          enter your MilleMiglia code in the dedicated field in the Personal Area.


The offer is only valid for MilleMiglia Members resident or domiciled in Italy on new investment plans or subsequent additions, made between 1 April 2019 and 31 December 2020.


If your miles are not added to your account, you must send an email to providing the following information: name, surname, MilleMiglia code and a brief description of the relevant amount.


Check out the Moneyfarm Terms and Conditions



  • Independence – Moneyfarm does not receive fees on the funds in its portfolios, which means that the advice given is in the exclusive interest of the investor
  • Investment strategy –  Diversification, long-term vision and focus of management costs with a team of experts that monitor and manage investments over time to protect invested capital and take advantage of market opportunities
  • Simplicity – An immediate and transparent platform to always have access to investment, in addition to the maximum flexibility and the constant support of a dedicated consultant.