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Enjoy the special promotions of MilleMiglia Program and its partners and earn more miles.

Fly with Cash&Miles, your miles double in value!

For the whole of April 2021 use the CASH&MILES option to fly whenever you like. The miles used to pay for your Alitalia ticket



have double their value!



Thanks to this promotion, just 1,700 miles give you more than € 10 discount instead of € 5.

For example, with the Cash&Miles option you can buy a one-way ticket to fly in Italy, using only your miles, starting from 6,035 miles (airfare from € 35).

You decide the right Euro / miles mix for you when buying your ticket from 1st to 30th April 2021 to fly when you like!




  1. Log-in to your Personal Area and select the Reward Ticket option from the drop-down menu in the top right part of the screen.
  2. Choose your flight and the airfare* from those available in the violet coloured columns.
  3. When paying, choose how many miles to use and the remaining amount to pay using your credit card.



Companies registered with Alitalia BusinessConnect can benefit from this promotion by accessing the Dedicated Personal Area.


Alitalia tickets bought using Cash&Miles give you the right to accumulate miles and continue to save!


* For each flight two values are shown as an example: the airfare in miles and the airfare and taxes in Euro. When paying you can decide how many miles to use, and whether to pay the entire amount using miles.


Note: For any requests to change a ticket made after 30 April 2021, it will only be possible to benefit from the advantage given by the promotion if the change involves a change in date, and provided the original booking class is still available.