Fitprime, a new MilleMiglia Program Partner, is a platform used for purchasing subscriptions or entries to more than 1,200 sports centres throughout Italy, allowing users to do more than 1,000 different sports. Program Members are provided with the opportunity of earning miles based on the following ratio:


€1 = 3 miles


Members making their first purchase on the Fitprime platform will also receive a special Welcome Bonus of 1,250 miles.




To earn your miles you need to fill in the form dedicated to MilleMiglia Members that allows you to:


  • log in, if you are already a Fitprime customer, adding your MilleMiglia code to the login details you normally use
  • register for the first time, by filling in all the required fields


If your registration is successful, your miles will be earned automatically during your purchase, otherwise an error message will be displayed and you will need to enter the required data again.



entry packages or monthly plans, choosing from the numerous options available according to your needs, starting from €28/month. With the Unlimited plans you can go into various different sports centres and try out new sports every day.


To manage your activities or bookings, you need to use the special Fitprime App


The miles will be added to your account in real time when you have completed your purchase. If you request a refund for your purchases, the miles added to your account will be deducted.


If the miles are not added to your account, you can contact the LiveChat, call +39 06 40403036 or write to




  • Single subscription plan paid on a monthly basis, with the option to stop at any time at no extra cost
  • With Fitprime you can choose and manage over 1,500 different activities: swimming, yoga, crossfit, dance, football, padel, climbing or relaxing in a SPA
  • The Fitprime App gives you the chance to choose an activity in the most convenient location, according to your needs