Show your MilleMiglia, Ulisse, Freccia Alata or Freccia Alata Plus card every time you fill up at one of the participating Eni Stations and earn miles on the spot*, according to the following ratio:

1 mile = 1 litre



*Awards operation valid until 31 December 2019 whenever you buy fuel at the petrol station and show your MilleMiglia card, except when you fill up with natural gas or use the Iperself mode with payment to the automatic payment receiver. Read the Regulations on the Enistation website





You&Eni is the Eni points collection program that allows you to gain incredible benefits for you and your family and it is now even richer and more accessible with the App! 

You can convert your You&Eni points into miles via the Eni Station+ App, on the website or at one of the participating Eni Stations, by showing your MilleMiglia card according to the following conversion rate:


200 You&Eni points = 250 miles

700 You&Eni points = 1,250 miles


The offer is valid until 31 December 2019 for MilleMiglia Members resident in Italy.





Download the Eni Station+ App that allows you to earn You&Eni points more quickly and easily. 


You will always have your You&Eni digital card with you on your smartphone and thanks to the Eni Station+ App you will be able to:


  • earn double You&Eni points when you fill up with petrol using the “Più Servito” mode*
  • pay for your fuel in a safe and easy way**
  • get two points for every litre in Iperself mode for Premium fuel payments
  • get 1 free ticket to the cinema for every two fuel purchases of at least € 30 in the month***
  • pay quickly and easily for parking your car thanks to collaboration with MyCicero****



*Compared to points earned with your physical You&Eni card. You&Eni Program valid until 31 March 2020 and earn points up to 29 February 2020. Regulation and participating Eni Stations

**Only for payment cards belonging to the Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and VPay circuits. For more information see the Terms and Conditions of Use for the Eni Station+ App.

***Limit of one ticket per month usable from Monday to Friday. The Cinema Voucher is valid for 60 days from the date of receipt of the email or confirmation of the second transaction and, nevertheless, no later than 29 June 2019. The voucher must be used within 15 days from activation and, nevertheless, no later than 14 July 2019. Subject to additional restrictions. If you purchase LPG or CNG, you will only need to make two purchases, within the same month, of at least €10. The “Cinema” promotion is valid until 30 April 2019. Take a look at the You&Eni Regulations and list of participating cinemas

**** This service is active only in the Municipalities participating in the MyCicero service. 




For more information call the Customer Service Freephone number 800 101 290 or