Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudia, founded in 1945, is the national airline of Saudi Arabia. The company serves 78 domestic and international destinations throughout the Middle East, Africa, India, the Far East, Europe and the United States. With its fleet of over 100 jets, the company carries over 21 million passengers a year.



The table shows the miles earned based on the distances flown and the selected booking class. You can only accumulate miles on flights operated by Saudia and on flights operated by Saudia in cooperation with all the SkyTeam Airline Partners.


Class of service Booking Classes Flights of 500 miles or less
Flights over 500 miles*
Discounted Economy U, E, B, M, K, H, L, T, V, N, G 
250 miles
50% of the miles flown
Economy Q
375 miles
75% of the miles flown
Full Economy Y
500 miles
100% of the miles flown
Business/First F, P, A, J, C, D, I
750 miles 125% of the miles flown


Miles cannot be earned with the following booking classes:  S, Z, R, W, O, X 


The miles earned with Saudia are valid to renew or gain access to Exclusive Club Memberships

*Calculated based on the IATA TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage).




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