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The following variable service charges* will be applied to tickets purchased:


Online purchases

There is no service charge for purchases made on


Purchases from the Call Center1

EUR 20 for a ticket purchased at the time of booking
EUR 30 for a domestic ticket purchased after booking
EUR 30 for an international ticket purchased after booking


Purchases of MilleMiglia award tickets from the Call Center1,2

EUR 10 for a ticket purchased at the time of booking
EUR 20 for a domestic ticket purchased after booking
EUR 20 for an international ticket purchased after booking

1) Service charges do not apply for children under 2 years old
2) The service charge does not apply if the award ticket cannot be booked on Alitalia website


Purchases from ticket desks managed by Alitalia


EUR 12 for a domestic ticket
EUR 25 for an international ticket in the Schengen area and Switzerland
EUR 35 per ticket for all other destinations


Please note that for passenger transport services, transport tickets perform the function of fiscal certification (tax receipt) as per article 1 of the D.M. 30/06/1992.


If the ticket was purchased via the WEB platform or through channels other than the WEB, the invoice request must be made by completing the appropriate FORM  within and not later than 24 hours from the time of purchase.


Starting from 1st January 2019, with the entry into force of Electronic Invoicing, the invoices subject to the relevant legislation will no longer be delivered together with the request, but will instead be sent to the address indicated after validation via the Interchange System of the Italian Revenue Agency. Please also note that the original invoice, which is valid in terms of taxation and legally, will be available in your "tax box" on the website of the Italian Revenue Agency.


Refunds of the total or partial ticket price for flights canceled by the passenger are permitted in accordance with the conditions of carriage for the ticket bought. The conditions of carriage are shown during the booking and purchase process and on the ticket receipt.

Airport and security taxes are always refundable for all fares.

Refunds of tickets bought on, through the Customer Center and Alitalia ticket desks must be requested by telephoning the Customer Center on 89.20.10*. For tickets issued by travel agencies, the request should be sent to the agency.


For refunds of airport taxes and administrative charges related to tickets with a non-refundable fare, please contact: 06 65640.

*From landlines, VAT included: 64 cent/min. with no connection charge. From cellphones, VAT included: TIM, Vodafone and Tre (16 cent connection charge + 95 cent/min.); Wind (15 cent connection charge + 98 cent/min.).




A request to maintain the validity of the ticket for subsequent flights if the outward flight is not used, for any reason, may be accepted only by sending the request to Alitalia by telephoning the Contact Center on +39 06 65640, pressing button 4, under the following conditions:

  • Within 24 hours of the departure time of the unused outward flight
  • If the departure time of the return flight is within 24 hours of the outward flight, the Contact Center must be contacted at least two hours before the departure of this return flight.


The Contact Center will issue a new electronic ticket, for which you must check in on the website (if available) or at the airport.

If passengers do not inform Alitalia as above, or do so after the deadlines indicated, when there are seats available on the flight, Alitalia reserves the right to request payment of an amount equal to the difference between the price paid for the previously bought ticket and the higher price applicable to the amended itinerary at the time the ticket is reissued.



A request to maintain the validity of the ticket for subsequent flights can be accepted for the following reasons:

  • Illness that prevents flying, substantiated by an appropriate medical certificate from a hospital or equivalent in-patient or out-patient facility
  • Death of a first-degree relative, spouse or partner, substantiated by a death certificate
  • Fulfillment of obligations imposed by legal authorities or the police after the ticket was purchased, substantiated by a copy of the decisions made by these authorities

The occurrence of any of the above situations beyond your control must be communicated to Alitalia at least 2 hours before the departure of the flight you cannot use, by contacting the Customer Center on +39 06 65640 and pressing button 2, option 4.
The documentation that substantiates the event beyond your control must be sent to Alitalia by fax to the number 0230 134 136, within 48 hours of the above communication and, in any case, at least 12 hours before the departure of the flight you wish to confirm.

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