Below you will find answers to frequent questions about online check-in

Open times for online check-in
  • What are the open times for online check-in?

    The service is available beginning 48 hours before the flight's departure, even if you are traveling with carry-on bags.

    EXCEPTIONS to open times for online check-in:

        • Flights departing from Geneva and Zurich -> 24 hours before departure
        • Flights departing from Amsterdam and Paris -> 30 hours before departure

        • Direct flights to the USA -> 24 hours before departure
        • Flights with connections to flights operated by KLM, Air France, Etihad or Delta Air Lines -> 30 hours before departure*

     If you are traveling to the United States, please make sure you get to the check-in desks at least 3 hours and half before your departure time for the documents verification.

    *Calculated from the flight departure schedule provided by KLM, Air France, Etihad or Delta Air Lines

  • Who cannot do online check-in?

    ·   Minors (up to and including 14 years of age) traveling alone*

    ·   Passengers who require special assistance**

    ·   Passengers with group bookings (more than nine people)

    ·    Passengers traveling with special baggage (sports equipment, animals).

    ·   Passengers traveling on flights not operated by the Alitalia Group

    ·   Passengers with connecting flights, for the same day, operated by airline companies other than Air Europa, Air France, KLM, Etihad and Delta Air Lines.

    ·   Passengers with tickets for the same booking that have been revalidated, reissued or canceled.

    ·  Passengers departing for:

    o    Bilbao

    o    Cologne

    o    Copenhagen

    o    Corfu

    o    Dubrovnik

    o    Fuerteventura

    o    Heraklion

    o    Ibiza

    o    Havana

    o    Kefalonia

    o    Krakow

    o    Las Palmas

    o    London Heathrow

    o    Luxembourg

    o    Menorca

    o    Montenegro

    o    Montpellier

    o    Mykonos

    o    Palma de Mallorca

    o    Paris Charles De Gaulle

    o    Podgorica

    o    Santorini

    o    Skopje

    o    Split

    o    Tbilisi

    o    Teheran

    o    Tenerife

    o    Tirana

    o    Zakynthos

    It is not possible to check in online if your journey contains two or more connecting flights and the stopover airport doesn't correspond with the departure airport for  the subsequent flight.

  • How can I get my boarding pass?

    Please select how to retrieve/print your boarding pass:

    - Alitalia APP or alitalia.com*

    - Fast check-in machines at the airport

    - Check-in desks


    *For the following flights, it is not possible to print your boarding card from web channels. You must retrieve it at the airport:

    - flights from: Cairo, Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers, Amman, Beirut, Casablanca, Moscow, Toronto, Malé, New Delhi, Johannesburg, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Washington

    - flights to: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tripoli, Havana, Toronto, New Delhi


    **When boarding, every passenger must present their boarding card on their mobile device. If necessary, please print a paper copy of your boarding pass at the check-in desks or the fast check-in machines at the airport.


    PLEASE NOTE: Passengers in the United States should present themselves at the check-in desks three and a half hours prior to the flight departure to complete the relevant document checks

Carry-on bags and comfort seats
  • I have carry-on bags. What should I do?

    Online check-in is also allowed with carry-on bags. After completing the online acceptance, you can quickly leave your luggage to be registered at the dedicated "Drop-off" counters present in major airports; in other airports, you can deliver your luggage to the Business Class counters.

  • Can I buy a comfort seat during online check-in?

    Yes, if you are traveling in economy class, you will have another service: the Comfort Seat.

    On national flights, this will allow you to occupy the first seats in the cabin and you can get off before the other passengers.


    The cost varies according to the length of the flight:

    For the following sections: Pantelleria - Milan Linate; Milan Linate - Lampedusa; Lamezia Terme - Milan Linate; Milan Linate - Trapani; Cagliari - Milan Malpensa; Catania - Milan Linate; Milan Linate - Naples; Bari - Milan Linate; Milan Linate - Palermo; Brindisi - Milan Linate and vice versa, the cost is €19 per segment.

    *The listed price is subject to change and is related to the time the service is purchased.

  • Under what circumstances can't I buy extra bags?

    When departing from the following airports, it is not possible to pay for an extra bag during online check-in






    Fuerte Ventura





    Las Palmas





    Palma di Mallorca

    Paris Charles De Gaulle











Important information for your trip
  • Which forms of identification do I need to complete online check-in?

    To complete check-in, you must add the gender of each passenger you are going to accept.

    For some routes, you must add extra documents.

    For flights to/from Brazil, Argentina and Japan, you must enter the passport.

    For direct flights to the USA, if an ESTA is not required, you can enter a green card or visa.

  • At which airports can I buy access to the Lounge and to Fast Track?

    You can find the Alitalia Lounge in the airports listed below.

        • Rome Fiumicino
        • Milan Malpensa
        • Catania
        • Venice
        • New York JFK

    Fast Track access is available for passengers departing from Rome Fiumicino, Terminal 1


  • How can I get a refund for additional services purchased?

    Extra luggage refund

    Please note that this fee is refundable only if your flight is operated by Alitalia, or if the extra bag you paid for in advance is lost and is not found within 45 days.

    This fee is not refundable if you decide to bring fewer pieces of luggage with you than is allowed based on the early payment for additional luggage. If you decide to bring more pieces of luggage with you than the additional bags paid for in advance, you will be asked to pay the normal fee for the additional luggage.

    Comfort seat refund

    Please remember that the service is refundable only in the following situations:

        • if the company cancels the flight;
        • if the company changes the type of aircraft and if the passenger is re-routed on another flight, if there aren't seats available of the same type as the one purchased;
        • if the passenger misses the connection with an intercontinental flight following a delay of a flight operated by its company or partner;
        • if there are technical problems verified with the seat;
        • if the company exercises its right to assign or reassign the seat before or after boarding for operational or safety reasons;
        • if there are force majeur reasons that allow the refund of the ticket for missing the flight (e.g., certified illness, death, natural or sociopolitical events).

    Please remember that this service will not be refunded:

        • if you voluntarily cancel the flight;
        • if you decide to buy an upgrade to a higher class either online or on board;