Located mid-way between the regional capital of Perugia and the world renown medieval town of Assisi, the Umbria - Perugia International Airport “San Francesco d’Assisi” represents the ideal gateway to the “Green Heart of Italy”.


Umbria region is the perfect destination where to spend your holidays. Nature and parks, cities rich in art and culture, outdoor sports, along with internationally famous events and its food and wine will make your stay unforgettable.


Umbria is a land of balance, a blend of man and nature, intense spirituality and secular pride. Every location has a unique identity, the result of millennia of civilization that have left dense layers of memory and timeless masterpieces throughout the land.


The rural ingeniousness patiently chiselled the environment, reclaiming land, tilling and planting olive groves and vineyards that not only produce prized oils and wines but have become the symbol of the region.


Dotted with medieval towns and silent hermitages, the Umbrian hills offer fascinating sceneries. In Umbria you need only travel a few kilometres to discover places of unspoilt wilderness, with centuries-old beech woods, deep caves, and mountains populate by ancient legends.


And Umbria is also rich in water: Lake Trasimeno, the gentle flowing of the Tiber, and the leaping falls of the Cascata delle Marmore all seem to have been created intentionally to inspire poets and painters.


At the end of the journey, one thing is certain: Umbria has a true vocation for beauty.