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Malaysia Airlines, the national airline of Malaysia, carries nearly 40,000 passengers each day, reaching 80 destinations across 6 continents worldwide.



See how many miles you need to request your award ticket with Malaysia Airlines, based on your selected destination and booking class:

Area  Round-trip Destinations Economy Business
MH1 Flighs of 1,200-miles or less: between Malaysia and Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia and Hong Kong, and between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirate 30,000 45,000
MH2 Flights from 1,200-to 2,000-miles: between Malaysia and Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives and India, and between Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.
45,000 70,000
MH3 Flights over 2,000-miles: between Malaysia and Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Japan, Uzbekistan, Shanghai, Korea, Saudi Arabia - between South Africa and Argentina, and between Europe and the USA
60,000 90,000
MH4 Flights from 5,000-to 7,000-miles: Between Malaysia and Europe, New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa and Turkey, and between Taiwan and the USA
75,000 115,000
MH5 Between Malaysia and the USA and Argentina
95,000 145,000

The destinations shown in the tables for requesting award tickets may vary based on any operational changes made by the MilleMiglia Program's Partner Airlines.
The miles indicated in the tables for all Partner Airlines refer to direct flights only.
Not all the destinations shown in the tables are served by direct flights. Tickets for any connecting flights must be purchased using miles.