You can complete your digital self-certification during the online check-in, both on the website and the Alitalia APP. Follow these simple steps:


1. Enter the area dedicated to online check-in


2. Select the passenger(s) you want to check in for




4. The form will automatically open with the self-certification template Fill in all fields


5. Confirm the information and then insert the data of the passenger(s)


Once you have completed your check-in, the following text will appear automatically on your boarding pass: COVID-19 SELF-CERTIFICATION COMPILED. You do not have to print other forms, the self-certification is sent directly to the authorities responsible for receiving and managing it. At the airport, just like before, you will only have to show your boarding pass.

Don't worry if you don't have the option to check in online: you can always download the paper form here and go to the airport with the self-certification already completed in each field, for each passenger and for each route.


According to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 16 April 2021, from 24 May, all passengers arriving in Italy from a foreign country, in addition to the Covid-19 self-certification, must fill in the Passenger Locator Form in digital format.                   


To fill out the Passenger Locator Form in digital format, please follow these steps:

1. Connect to the site

2. Follow the guided procedure to access dPLF 3. Choose "Italy" as the destination country

3. Register for the site by creating a personal account with user and password

4. Fill in and send the dPLF following the guided procedure


Once you have submitted the form, you will receive at the email address indicated at the registration stage, the dPLF in pdf format and a QR code that you will have to show at the time of boarding and to anyone who is responsible for carrying out the checks. Alternatively, you can print a copy of the dPLF to show.


The dPLF must be completed and sent before boarding. However, the field for the assigned seat number will still be modifiable.


One form must be completed for each adult passenger; minors can be registered in the accompanying adult form. For unaccompanied minors, the dPLF must be completed by the guardian prior to departure.


In exceptional cases or exclusively in the face of technological impediments, it will be possible to fill in the following paper form.


We look forward to seeing you on board!