From 27 July to 27 October, Milan Linate Airport is closed for work to relay the runways for landing and take off, in addition to a restyling of the internal areas by the airport management company SEA.




During this period, you will be able to fly from Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio. Daily flights to/from Rome Fiumincino will be operated according to the following schedule:


·         8 flights to/from Milan Malpensa

·         5 flights to/from Bergamo Orio al Serio




On 26 October, flights for Milan Linate re-routed to Milan Malpensa that are scheduled to arrivefrom 6 pm  onwards, will now land instead at Milan Linate Airport.

From 6 am on 27 October, departures will  begin again from Milan Linate.


For 26-27 October, please check the airport for your departure and/or arrival on the website in the section my flights, or via the ALITALIA APP.


28 reserved check-in desks will be available for our customers in the departure area of Terminal 1.

In addition to the Lounge Casa Alitalia Piazza San Babila – situated in the extra-Schengen Boarding Area – eligible customers can also access the SEA VIP Lounges Sala Sforza and Sala Monteverdi in the Schengen Boarding Area, close to the Alitalia boarding gates.

SkyPriority passengers will also still be able to enjoy all of their special benefits:

  • reserved check-in desks
  • fast track for security
  • priority boarding and baggage claim


The following services will be provided to ensure all our customers can travel in maximum comfort:

  • priority passage to speed up security checks
  • jet bridge boarding

SkyPriority passengers can also enjoy dedicated check-in desks, priority boarding and priority baggage claim.

Two VIP Lounges will be made available for eligible customers:

1. The Departures Area Lounge, located before the first security checks, with internal Fast Track.

2. The lounge located in the Boarding Area near the Alitalia gates


We inform you that, from 4 September, Web Check-in is also available for all Alitalia flights departing from Bergamo.

We also have numerous exclusive offers available to make it easier to get to Malpensa and Bergamo airports. 


Customers who book a Taxiblu by calling 02.4040 and mentioning the "Alitalia Linate Promotion” will receive a special discount:

  •     €7 for a ride from the municipality of Milan to Milan Malpensa Airport
  •     €10 for a ride from the municipality of Milan to Bergamo Orio al Serio

To take advantage of the promotion, simply show the taxi driver the receipt of your ticket purchase or your Alitalia boarding pass.

In addition to the standard miles, MilleMiglia members will also accumulate 100 bonus miles for every taxi journey; to receive the bonus, please show your MilleMiglia code to the taxi driver before making payment.


MilleMiglia members who use the APPTAXI app for both booking and payment for their journey from the municipality of Milan to Milan Malpensa or Bergamo Orio al Serio airport will receive a bonus of 200 miles, in addition to the standard miles, for each trip.

Install AppTaxi! Earning miles is super easy: just click here and install APPTAXI on your smartphone. Then, all you need to do is select “Fidelity Card” from the App’s menu and enter your MilleMiglia code.

 For you:

  • 100 bonus miles when downloading and installing the app
  • 100 bonus miles on the very first ride booked and paid with APPTAXI


Customers who rent a car at Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio airports, for a minimum of 2 days, will have access to a special promotion, thanks to the partnership with Avis, Maggiore and Budget:

For reservations and rentals from July 27 to August 31:

  • Free baby seat

For bookings and rentals from September 1 to October 27:

  • Free refuelling

You should make the booking here to receive the promotion.

Furthermore, in addition to the benefits listed above, MilleMigla members who book and rent a car from 27 July to 27 October for at least two days will also receive 3,000 bonus miles on top of the normally awarded miles.

You should make the booking here to receive the miles promotion. Please select the MilleMiglia Club in the drop-down menu from Alitalia Passenger and insert your MilleMiglia code in the appropriate field.


In collaboration with SEA ViaMilano Parking, we have secured preferential rates with specially prepared price lists for the following customers:

  • SME companies signed up to Alitalia Community or the BusinessConnect Alitalia program
  • Corporate clients who have Corporate Cards

SMEs that sign up  here (selecting the ALITALIA option for the association category) can receive preferential rates for online bookings for ViaMilan Parking.

ViaMilano Parking will also apply preferential rates for customers who have an Alitalia Corporate Card.

The discounts can be received by using the Corporate Card when entering the car park and when making payment.

The promotion will be valid from 15 September 2019 to 31 March 2020.


For complete information regarding Linate and discounts for reaching Malpensa Airport, please visit SEA's website, La Città che Vola.

In addition, air miles will be doubled for members of the MilleMiglia Program, while they can also enjoy a range of other exclusive benefits


For flights to/from Milan Malpensa and Bergamo you can benefit from a special miles chart that has already been applied for Rome-Linate.

All members will also receive double miles for national and international flights to/from Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio.


  •  MilleMiglia members who fly with Alitalia from 27 July to 27 October 2019, on national and/or international medium haul flights in departure or in arrival to Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Srio airports, will receive an extra bonus equivalent to 100% of the miles normally awarded.
  •  These miles are valid for the purposes of the promotion for all flights with the flight code AZ.
  •  They are not valid for flights booked for children signed up to MilleMiglia Kids, award flights, charter flights, free flights and flights with discounts greater than 40% of the publicly applicable tariff (excluding taxes and extra services) and/or flights indicated with the flight codes ID and AD.
  •  Additional miles for Soci MilleMiglia Young, Exclusive Bonus miles, and miles awarded from other ongoing promotions are not included in the offer.
  •  Bonuses are awarded for every flight booked (route) in the valid period of the promotion and, as a result, can be accumulated.
  •  Bonus miles are awarded automatically following the award of the miles normally given for the flights you have booked.
  •  The miles awarded with the promotion are not valid for accessing or renewing your membership to the Exclusive Clubs.

Double miles for companies signed up to the Alitalia BusinessConnect Program


In addition, companies signed up to the BusinessConnect program will accumulate double miles for domestic and international flights from/to Milan Malpensa and Bergamo.


  • Companies signed up to the Alitalia BusinessConnect Program who fly with Alitalia from 27 July 2019 to 27 October 2019 on domestic and/or international medium-haul flights that depart or arrive from Milan Malpensa or Bergamo Orio al Serio airports will receive a bonus in miles equivalent to 100% of the normally awarded miles.
  • Alitalia flight tickets (ticket number 055) are valid until the end of the initiative for flights operated with Alitalia aircraft, or the aircraft of Alitalia Partner Airlines and booked in the section of the aircraft reserved for Alitalia seats (with flight code AZ on the ticket).
  • Tickets for long-haul international flights are not valid for this offer.
  • It is the company's responsibility to communicate the Company Code at the time of booking. All flights completed up to 27 October that are correctly linked to the Company Code will be considered valid.
  • The bonus miles will be awarded for every eligible flight flown within the validity period of the offer.
  • The bonus miles will be awarded to the account of the company at the end of the promotion and, in any case, by 10 December 2019.
  • The initiative can be combined with other miles promotions for the same period and the same ticket.

Discount on Award Tickets


From 2 August to 27 October 2019, you will get a discount of 20% on the miles you spend on all award tickets for domestic or international medium-haul flights from/to Milan Malpensa or Bergamo Orio al Serio. 


  1. The promotion provides a discount of 20% of the miles for Award Tickets, round-trip or one-way, in Economy Class or in Business Class, issued exclusively on domestic or international medium-haul flights operated by Alitalia, departing or arriving at the airports of Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio.
  2. Discount will be applied on miles required for the chosen itinerary, net of taxes and surcharges.
  3. Promotional award tickets must be issued and flown between 2nd August 2019 and 27th October 2019.
  4. Promotional award tickets are available for all MilleMiglia members and all companies enrolled in the Alitalia BusinessConnect Program.
  5. Change of date of promotional tickets is free if the new travel date is between 2nd August and 27th October 2019.
  6. In case of change date for travel after 27th October 2019, a fee of 55€ or 5,000 miles will be requested, in addition to the integration of the miles previously discounted.
  7. In case of change data for no-show at the airport, the fee will be 55€ or 5,000 miles even if the new travel date is before 27th October 2019. If the new travel date is after 27th October 2019, the integration of the previously discounted miles will be requested.
  8. In case of change name, the fee will be 55€ or 5,000 miles. If concomitantly a change is requested also for travel date after 27th October 2019, besides the fee, the integration of the previously discounted miles will be requested.
  9. In case of change itinerary, the fee will be 55€ or 5,000 miles and, besides the fee, an integration of miles will be requested if the new itinerary requires a greater amount of miles than the original one. If concomitantly a change is requested also for travel dates after 27th October 2019, in addition, an integration for the previously discounted miles will be requested.
  10. Award tickets issued before the promotional period can’t be changed with promotional tickets.
  11. Promotional award tickets can be issued on site or by the dedicated Customer Center. Any change of this promotional tickets must be done only by the dedicated Customer Center.
  12. The American Express “companion” tickets are not included in this promotion.
  13. Anything not explicitly described in this “Terms & Conditions” is regulated by the MilleMiglia Regulations