With TravelPass we offer you the possibility of creating your own package of prepaid vouchers.


The package can be used to issue single-leg tickets, personalized according to your requirements.


You can choose how many journeys your package includes and the destinations for which you want to use the tickets, according to your needs. You will receive many other benefits.


  1. Low prices: You do not run the risk of seeing your ticket fare increase. The fare will stay the same as that confirmed when you bought the TravelPass, even at Christmas and during high season.
  2. Time-saving: Save time and effort in searching for flights. Planning and booking your journey will be quicker and easier.
  3. Personalization: You can choose the TravelPass features based on your needs, from the following parameters:

    • Destination: Single or multiple destinations grouped in a "Travel Zone"
    • Travel class: Economy or Business
    • Number of journeys: From a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24
    • Travel period: Up to a maximum of 12 months
    • Passengers: Up to a maximum of 24
    • Advance booking: From 90 days up until 4 hours* before departure of the flight
    • Freedom Option: is the option that allows up to 4 hours** before flight departure:
      • issue a ticket
      • change flight time and date, subject to availability
      • add passenger names, within the maximum allowed with the exception of the first name to be declared when purchasing the TravelPass
  4. Miles: MilleMiglia club members and companies that joined Business Connect are awarded miles on each flight, based on the lowest booking class available when the ticket is issued.
  5. For the Alitalia BusinessConnect program, miles will be credited based on the amount spent by the company.
  6. With TravelPass, you can travel while there are seats available on board the aircraft.

With TravelPass, you can fly cheaper and save time and effort planning and booking your journey!

* up to 1 hour prior to flight departure if you have purchased the Freedom Option in Business class for the Rome-Milan travel zone.
** up to 1 hour prior to flight departure for Business class for the Rome-Milan travel zone.


Once you have purchased TravelPass, issue your tickets