Italy Voucher informations



How much does a flight cost with the Italy Voucher?
Flights for EUR 99 (plus a service charge of EUR 6) with the 12-flight Italy Voucher.
Flights for EUR 109 (plus a service charge of EUR 6) with the 6-flight Italy Voucher.

How much baggage can I carry with Italy Voucher tickets?
You can double your baggage allowance with the Italy Voucher.
Alitalia flights: two cases weighing 23 kg each

Can I earn MilleMiglia points with the Italy Voucher?
Yes; you will earn 500 qualifying miles for each flight.


How do I use the Italy Voucher?
Enter your personal data at
Voucher Code and Password
Choose your flight at by entering your itinerary and dates

Can I let other people use my Voucher tickets?
Yes, you are free to choose who uses your Voucher tickets.
Voucher tickets can also be used on the same flight by two or more passengers.

On which flights can I use the Voucher?
You can use the Voucher tickets on more than 2500 direct, domestic, weekly flights.
Flights to/from Sardinia, flights under the territorial continuity system, seasonal routes and code-share flights with partners are excluded.


Can I change or cancel a booking when I use Voucher tickets?
Changes and cancellations are free of charge up to seven days prior to the departure date.
You can also change or cancel your booking from six days up to three hours before the flight for a fee of EUR 50.

Who do I contact to change a booking made using the Italy Voucher?
You can contact the Customer Center on the dedicated number 06 65859966

For how long can I use the Voucher tickets?
The 12-flight Italy Voucher is valid for 12 months.
The 6-flight Italy Voucher is valid for 6 months.