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The offers for Germany continue to grow: from March 29, 2020, new flights direct to Hamburg!


Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city, has always had a close relationship with water, earning it the nickname as the Venice of the North or the City of Water. Thanks to its strategic position along the Elbe River, which connects it directly with the North Sea, over 13,000 ships are hosted each year in its port, the second-largest in Europe for freight traffic. Water is also a large part of the city's architecture: almost 3,000 bridges cross its canals and although you won’t find any gondolas, they house two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Speicherstadt district, famous for its historic warehouses and the Kontorhaus, home to Chilehaus, an incredible example of expressionist architecture.


But Hamburg is more than just water, it’s an incredibly green city, with well-kept parks and unique spaces, like its Planten un Blomen, Europe’s largest Japenese garden.


To experience a day as a true Hamburger, head to the Fishmarket on Sunday morning, one of the countries most important markets, in operation since 1703, and enjoy a delicious Fischbrötchen, a sandwich stuffed with herring or salmon, onion and pickles. Although, the city’s most famous sandwich is, of course, the Hamburger, whose origin seems to be attributed to ships departing for the United States in the 1800s.

And, for an alternative evening, head to the historic district of St. Pauli, found along the Reeperbahn, and explore old clubs, which hosted a band from Liverpool that was unknown at the time, the Beatles!

So, who wants to visit Hamburg? 


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