Following the new arrangement for connections to and from Olbia with territorial continuity (reduced fares for certain categories of passenger) established by the Region of Sardinia, from 8 June Alitalia will only be able to operate one return flight per day on the Olbia-Rome Fiumicino route and another return flight per day on the Olbia-Milan Linate route (two flights per day in July). These connections will be available through to 8 September.

Though the new arrangement significantly reduces the number of flights to be operated by Alitalia, the Italian airline company has reached an agreement with the Region of Sardinia and Air Italy to ensure it will be able to meet its commitments to all passengers who have already made a booking. In particular, all travellers that select a different solution to the one provided by Alitalia flights will be able to rebook with a flight from Air Italy free of charge or, alternatively, may request a full refund on the price of the ticket.


For further information and assistance, please call the dedicated telephone number 06.65859515.

Please find below the new arrangement for Alitalia flights to and from Olbia:

  • AZ 1914 Olbia-Rome FCO 10:50-11:50 (from 8 June to 8 September)
  • AZ 1915 Rome FCO-Olbia 14:10-15:05 (from 8 June to 8 September)


  • AZ 1937 Olbia-Milan LIN 15:50-16:55 (from 8 June to 26 July)
  • AZ 1939 Olbia-Milan LIN 20:35-21:40 (from 1 to 25 July)
  • AZ 1936 Milan LIN-Olbia 8:20-9:25 (from 8 June to 26 July)
  • AZ 1938 Milan LIN-Olbia 17:50-18:55 (from 1 to 26 July)


From 27 July to 27 October the Milan Linate Airport will be closed for refurbishment. In this period, all Alitalia flights will operate to and from Milan Malpensa Airport. Please find below the schedule of Alitalia flights between Milan Malpensa and Olbia:


  • AZ 1937 Olbia-Milan MXP 15:50-16:55 (from 27 July to 8 September)
  • AZ 1939 Olbia-Milan MXP 20:35-21:40 (from 26 to 31 July)
  • AZ 1936 Milan MXP-Olbia 8:20-9:25 (from 27 July to 8 September)
  • AZ 1938 Milan MXP-Olbia 17:50-18:55 (from 27 to 31 July)