There are various connections already available with territorial continuity (reduced fares for certain categories of passenger) on the following routes: Alghero-Rome Fiumicino and return, Alghero-Milan Linate* and return, Cagliari-Rome Fiumicino and return, Cagliari-Milan Linate* and return, Olbia-Rome and return, Olbia-Milan Linate* and return, with departures available from 17 April 2019.

THERE ARE REDUCED FAIRS FOR CERTAIN CATEGORIES OF PASSENGER (with no discrimination regarding place of birth or nationality): 

  • Residents in Sardinia¹
  • People aged 70 and above¹
  • Children aged 2 to 11 years¹ (only available via the call center if they are traveling with passengers who are not eligible for reduced territorial continuity fares)
  • Young people aged 2 to 21 years¹
  • University students aged up to 27 years²



  • It is not possible to purchase online flight tickets for people who are eligible and people who are not eligible for reduced Territorial Continuity fares in a single transaction. 

in the customer may be asked at any time to produce the documentation that confirms they belong to one of the categories indicated above.  Alitalia reserves the right to ask passengers who do not have the right to the reduced fare to make an additional payment and to pursue them through the proper channels.

Please be informed that making purchases online and through the Customer Center is free of charge.

¹valid ID that confirms the person is a resident in Sardinia or that they are the correct age to be eligible for the reduced fare 


²valid and current student ID. If this student ID does not display an expiry date, then it is necessary to present the certificate of enrolment of the university for the current year


*Due to the closure of the Milan Linate airport from 27 July to 27 October 2019, all territorial continuity flights from/to Linate will be transferred to Malpensa Airport.