A sweet innovation on all intercontinental flights




Caffarel, the Piedmont company which for almost 200 years has been a synonym of excellence and craftmanship in the production of high quality Italian chocolate, now boards all our intercontinental flights to add sweetness to your trips.


From 1 June 2018, all Magnifica and Premium Economy class passengers, will be able to taste the delicious Caffarel products made with the best ingredients from Piedmont region, such as the Nocciola Piemonte IGP (top quality hazelnut) and the great artisanal craftmanship of the Company.


And it is the care and craftmanship in selecting and mixing the basic ingredients which make it possible to produce unique products and make Caffarel a true global ambassador of the best Turin chocolate since 1826.


Unique such as the famous Gianduiotto which since 1865 is still today the true jewel in the crown of Caffarel products. An esteemed and internationally renowned symbol instantly and unequivocally characterizing the Company and its unrivalled image. Gianduiotti are still today produced with the old-time method of extrusion, which consists in the use of a machine replicating the manual gesture of the chocolate master. This mechanical procedure is capable of creating a soft and velvety drop of incomparable creaminess.


With its almost two centuries of history, Caffarel still offers today the most seductive experience of Turin chocolate culture in Italy and worldwide.