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Tips for the most attractive destinations you can reach using your miles by requesting award tickets.

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Take advantage of the beginning of summer on the other side of the world and plan your trip by flying in Economy Class or in Magnifica for example to DELHI, MEXICO CITY* or SEOUL* thanks to over 3,000 award tickets** available.

Or choose to discover Europe or North Africa and fly in Economy or Business Class everywhere, including CAIRO, NICE* or MOSCOW with over 44,000 award tickets** available.

Otherwise, choose to visit one of the destinations available in Italy, like CATANIA, GENOA* or VENICE* with over 66,000 award tickets** available!




Get ready for Christmas and fly in Economy or Magnifica Class for examples to BOSTON*, TOKYO* or SANTIAGO* thanks to over 7,000 award tickets** available.

Or fly in Economy or Business Class to TUNIS, GENEVE* or TEL AVIV with over 88,000 award tickets**.

Or organize a weekend in Italy choosing among NAPLES*, FLORENCE* or TURIN* with over 121,000 award tickets** available!



Find all destinations with a wider award ticket availability until 16 December


Domestic flighs

Rome – Brindisi
Rome – Bari
Rome – Lamezia Terme
Rome – Palermo
Rome – Catania
Rome – Trapani
Rome – Reggio Calabria
Rome – Bologna
Rome – Florence
Rome – Naples
Rome – Pisa
Rome – Genoa
Rome – Turin
Rome – Trieste
Rome – Venice
Rome – Verona
Rome – Milan Linate
Rome – Milan Malpensa
Milan Linate – Brindisi
Milan Linate – Bari
Milan Linate – Lamezia Terme
Milan Linate – Palermo
Milan Linate – Catania
Milan Linate – Trapani
Milan Linate – Naples
Bologna – Catania
Venice – Catania
Verona – Catania

Medium-haul international flights

Rome – Moscow
Rome – Tel Aviv
Rome – Tunis
Rome – Warsaw
Rome – Budapest
Rome – Belgrad
Rome – Larnaca
Rome – Zurich
Rome – Geneve
Athens – Rome
Barcelona – Rome
Rome – Madrid
Rome – Frankfurt
Rome – Berlin
Düsseldorf – Rome
Rome – Malta
Geneve – Milan Linate
Athens – Milan Linate
Amsterdam – Milan Linate
Frankfurt – Milan Linate
Düsseldorf – Milan Linate
Luxemburg – Milan Linate
London City – Milan Linate
London Heatrow – Milan Linate

Long-haul international flights

Milan Malpensa – Male
Rome – Havana
Rome – Santiago
Rome –Delhi
Rome – Seoul
Rome – Miami
Milan Malpensa – New York
Rome –Mexico city







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**Read the terms and conditions for Standard award tickets





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