1.      Cash & Miles offers the chance to use miles to obtain discounts on the purchase price of air tickets at the applicable fare on flights operated by Alitalia (code-share flights are not included), from a minimum of 5,000 miles up to the total amount of the purchase price.


2.      Cash & Miles tickets will be issued from October 15, 2016 onward.


3.      Miles can be earned on tickets issued with Cash & Miles, based on the booking class requested and in accordance with the earning tables valid on the date of the flight.


4.      Tickets issued with Cash & Miles follow all of the rules governing the applicable fare chosen by the Member during the purchasing stage, and must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by this fare.


5.      In the event of changes and/or refunds for tickets issued with Cash & Miles, payment of possible fees, pursuant to the Terms & Conditions of the purchased fare, and/or the payment of any further fares must be made by credit card through MilleMiglia Member Services. If the fare allows for a refund, the amount of miles used or the amount paid by credit card, net of any required charges, will be refunded to the Member.


6.      Under no circumstances, the amount of miles used can be converted into money.


7.      The booking and issuance of a ticket with Cash & Miles can be carried out on the website, or through MilleMiglia Member Services


8.      The miles required to issue a ticket with the Cash & Miles promotion may be changed at any time at the discretion of the MilleMiglia Program and are indicated when purchasing online on the website, or are communicated during the purchasing process carried out through MilleMiglia Member Services.


9.      Any requests for tickets to be issued with Cash & Miles will not be granted if the value of the ticket in miles exceeds the number of miles available in the Member's account when the request is made.


10.  It is not possible to combine Cash & Miles with the Standard Award Ticket or vice versa. Once a ticket has been issued with Cash & Miles, under no circumstances it is possible to convert it into an Award Ticket.


11.  With regard to a ticket issued with Cash & Miles, an upgrade can be carried out using both miles and payment, provided that the booking class purchased allows this.


12.  Tickets with Cash & Miles can be obtained for third parties. In the event that the beneficiary of the ticket is not the holder of the MilleMiglia account in question, when the ticket is issued, a copy of the travel document will be sent to the email address given in the account holder's profile, as well as to the address indicated by the beneficiary. Where no email address is available in the account holder's profile, it will not be possible to issue tickets with Cash & Miles to beneficiaries other than the account holder.


13.  In the event that the ticket is not used, either in full or in part, due to causes that are attributable to Alitalia, a full or partial refund of the amount paid with the credit card will be given, along with the miles used with Cash & Miles.