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  1. Miles will not be awarded for the following: cash advances and/or foreign currency purchases and/or American Express Travelers Check purchases, amounts debited following the American Express Card's cancellation date, late payments, and reimbursed charges. Triple miles will not be awarded for Alitalia tickets purchased at travel agencies that do not use the Alitalia IATA code, or if the Alitalia flight purchased is included within a travel package (such as flight & car rental packages or flight & hotel packages). For more information regarding the advantages and the MilleMiglia regulations, clickhere.
  2. The annual fee for the Alitalia Business Card is currently EUR 48 for the first year (EUR 95 starting the second year). The annual fee for the Alitalia Business Gold Card is currently EUR 95 for the first year (EUR 190 starting the second year). Any Additional Cards requested will be subject to an annual fee of EUR 90 (for the Alitalia Business Gold Card) and EUR 40 (for the Alitalia Business Card) starting the first year.
  3. If the deadline for the payment of the annual fee or any other charge made on the Card is at the beginning of your 30-day billing cycle, the total amount of the Card's statement will be debited from your bank account on the 18th day of the following month. You will therefore pay for your purchase approximately 48 days after it was made (30+18 = 48). If the 18th day of the following month is a public holiday, the amount will be debited the following business day.
  4. Requests for award tickets are subject to the number of miles available on the MilleMiglia account at the time of the request. This promotion does not apply to destinations served by SkyTeam airline partners or other Alitalia partners. To view the complete regulations, click here.
  5. Up to 20,000 miles for the Ulisse Club, 50,000 miles for the Freccia Alata Club and 80,000 miles for the Freccia Alata Plus Club can be accumulated in a calendar year by flying with Alitalia and SkyTeam airlines. Ulisse Club Members may enter the lounge if they are in possession of a Business class ticket. For more information regarding the advantages and the MilleMiglia regulations, click here.
  6. The awarding of 2 or 3 miles for every euro spent is only valid on car rentals in Italy paid for using an Alitalia Business Card and using the AWD code shown on the back of the Card. Miles cannot be earned with commercial vehicle rentals, rentals with drivers, camper rentals, net rates, tour rates or negotiated rates.
  7. For more information, please consult the Card's General Regulations and the relative documentation available on the
  8. Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Policy excerpts available online at, which will be furnished along with the Card itself.
  9. The bonus is reserved for the main Cardholder, provided that he/she has never previously been the holder of an Alitalia Business Card or Alitalia Business Gold Card, and will be credited following the issuance of the Card itself.