Terms and conditions

1.     The following do not give entitlement to Miles: cash advances and/or currency purchases and/or purchases of American Express Traveller's Cheques, charges applied after the date of cancellation of the American Express Card, payments carried out late or any form of reversed charges, expenses charged for the annual fee of the Card and for any stamp duties, and transactions with payment cards at fuel stations and those carried out at SISAL and Poste Italiane, PayTipper and Se.Pa.Fin sales outlets under the condition of American Express Card acceptance. 


2.      Miles are earned on a monthly basis and will be available on your company's account 3 months after the flight you take.


3.      The annual fee for Carta Alitalia Business now costs EUR 48 for the first year (EUR 95 from the second year). The annual fee for Carta Alitalia Business Oro now costs EUR 95 for the first year (EUR 190 from the second year). Additional cards, if required, have an annual fee of EUR 90 (Carta Alitalia Business Oro) and EUR 40 (Carta Alitalia Business) from the first year.


4.      If the payment due date for the use of the Card or any purchase is made with the Card at the beginning of your accounting cycle, which lasts about 30 days, the balance on your Card account statement will be charged to your bank or postal account on the 18th day after closure, so you will pay for the expense about 48 days after performing it (30+18 = 48). If the 18th day after closure of the account statement is a public holiday, the amount will be charged on the first subsequent working day.


5.      Additional miles are not qualifying miles. The calculation is made on the fare excl. taxes and charges.


6.      Miles will only be awarded to MilleMiglia accounts of companies that have signed up to Alitalia BusinessConnect.


7.      You can only apply for an Award Ticket when there is a sufficient number of miles available on the MilleMiglia account at that time. This promotion excludes destinations served by SkyTeam member airlines or other Alitalia partner airlines. To view all the regulations, check the website americanexpress.it


8.      To date, 20,000 miles for Club Ulisse, 50,000 miles for Club Freccia Alata and 80,000 miles for Club Freccia Alata Plus, earned in a calendar year by flying with Alitalia and SkyTeam. Ulisse Members can enter Lounges if they hold a Business/Magnifica ticket. For more information about the benefits and MilleMiglia regulations, click here.


9.      You can earn 2 or 3 miles for every euro spent, solely for car rentals used in Italy and paid for with your Carta Alitalia Business and using the AWD code found on the back of the Card. This excludes commercial vehicle rentals, Chauffeur-driven Services and Camper vans, net tariffs, tour rates and those negotiated with any kind of mileage accumulation.


10.      For more information, check the Card General Regulations and attached information sheets available on www.americanexpress.it.


11.  Coverages subject to the policy terms and conditions contained in the Policy extracts on www.americanexpress.it/terminiecondizioni that will be provided when the Card is sent.


12.  The bonus is reserved for Basic Card holders, provided that they have never previously been a holder of a Carta Alitalia Business or Carta Alitalia Business Oro, and will be awarded after the Card is issued.