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General Conditions

1.  The bonus is reserved for the Main Cardholder, provided that he or she has never previously been an Alitalia American Express Cardholder, and will be assigned as follows: 3,000 miles when the Card is issued, provided that he or she has never previously been an Alitalia American Express Gold Cardholder; 7,000 miles upon the first transaction within three months of issue, provided that the he or she has not been an Alitalia American Express Cardholder in the last six months. Approval of the Card is at the discretion of American Express.


2.  From the second year, the annual fee for the Alitalia Gold Card will be EUR 190. Those who, when applying for the main Card, already held a main American Express Card (with the exception of credit cards with choice of payment methods, Business Cards, Corporate Cards or the Centurion Card) cannot take advantage of the special conditions concerning the annual fee for the main Alitalia Gold Card and the annual fee for the main Card indicated above will be charged starting from the first year of issue.


3.   Miles will not be awarded for the following: cash advances, foreign currency purchases, Travelers Check purchases, purchases that are later returned and refunded, the cost of the Card's annual membership fees and taxes thereon, or Card transactions at gas station pumps and at Sisal points of sale. The two or three qualifying miles will not be awarded for Alitalia tickets purchased at travel agencies that do not use the Alitalia IATA code, or if the Alitalia flight purchased is included within a travel package (such as flight and car rental packages or flight and hotel packages). Miles received for tickets that are later reimbursed will not be immediately subtracted from the MilleMiglia account, but will be considered as an advance on subsequent flights. The Cardholder will not earn any more miles on subsequent flights until the miles received in advance have been recovered


4.   Requests for Award Tickets are subject to the number of miles available on the MilleMiglia account at the time of the request. The Award Ticket for the travel companion must have the same date, time, destination and flight class as the Award Ticket requested by the Alitalia Main Cardholder. The 12 months run from the month in which the Card is issued. For more details and to see the general terms and conditions of the promotion, click here.


5.  The information contained herein regarding Alitalia Cards and the relative insurance coverage is of a purely general nature. The insurance policies are provided by third-party insurance companies and are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions indicated in the relative policies themselves. For more information, click here.