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Enjoy the special promotions of MilleMiglia Program and its partners and earn more miles.



If your Company is registered for AlitaliaBusinessConnect urge your employees to enroll the MilleMiglia Program and take advantage of this not-to-be-missed offer, which will allow you to accumulate many more miles, thanks to them signing up!

The Company will earn a whopping 3,000 bonus miles, in addition to the miles added normally, for each employee that becomes a MilleMiglia Program Member and does a business trip with Alitalia between 17 June and 15 August 2021.

What you need to do to add these miles:


1. Get an employee to sign up for the MilleMiglia Program


2. Buy at least one Alitalia ticket in the name of the newly registered employee, entering the Company Code and the employee’s MilleMiglia code received immediately after they register


3. Remind the newly enrolled employee to always provide their MilleMiglia code when taking their Alitalia flight at the check-in stage.

Employees will be rewarded with a Super Welcome Bonus in the form of a whopping 4,000 miles, and will begin earning miles in their personal account, while on a business trip!
Registering for the MilleMiglia Program is completely free of charge, buying the ticket and travelling must both take place between 17 June and 15 August 2021 to be able to take advantage of this offer



* Offer limited to employees of Companies who are Alitalia BusinessConnect Members, who register for the MilleMiglia Program between 17 June and 15 August 2021, and take part in accordance with the terms laid down.


  1. This initiative is open to all Companies registered for the Alitalia BusinessConnect Program by 15 July 2021, that have their registered office or domicile in Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Japan, Israel, and all their employees not yet registered for the MilleMiglia Program. Here, registered office or domicile means the address in Alitalia’s system.
  2. Employees who register for the MilleMiglia Program between 17 June and 15 August 2021 and who fly on business between 17 June and 15 August 2021, will have their own account credited with an extra Welcome Bonus of 2,000 miles, in addition to the normal 2,000 Welcome Miles.
  3. Each Company can take advantage of the offer for each employee registered within the promotion period. For each employee who receives the extra welcome bonus, the Company will receive a 3,000 miles bonus.
  4. This offer relates to Alitalia tickets (ticket number 055) for flights operated by Alitalia and/or Alitalia’s Partner Airlines, booked in the section of the aircraft set aside for Alitalia seats (with the AZ flight number shown on the ticket).
  5. Participants are to provide the Company Code and the passenger / employee’s MilleMiglia code at the time of booking. Tickets bought for flights taken according to the terms for this initiative, and correctly associated with the Company Code and the MilleMiglia code for the newly registered employee, will be deemed to be valid.
  6. The bonus miles will be credited to the Company’s BusinessConnect MilleMiglia account and the employee’s MilleMiglia account within 60 days of the date of the first flight that meets the conditions for this initiative.
  7. The employee is responsible for checking that the flight is registered in their MilleMiglia account and, if necessary, requesting the missing miles via the “Missing Credits” service on the website. For flights to be deemed valid they must be registered in Alitalia’s system by 31 August 2021.
  8. Each employee can only take advantage of the offer once. The bonus miles earned due to this promotional offer are not valid for gaining or renewing membership of the Exclusive Clubs.
  9. This offer cannot be added to other mile promotions for the same period and for the same ticket. Should this occur, the higher of the bonuses allowed by the various offers in progress, will be granted.