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Enel Energia is a spokesperson for a new kind of energy, encouraging good habits but also rewarding them — with points, awards, discounts and benefits for individuals and groups.


To take part in the program, simply register on the website


There are many ways to earn points with EnelPremia 3.0: have fun with online and offline activities, take part in events and initiatives in line with the program objectives, take advantage of partners' offers and participate in competitions. You can use the energy points to claim awards from the new catalog or to take part in special initiatives.


The ENELPREMIA 3.0 program is closing and will start again in February 2017 with many new opportunities for MilleMiglia Members, especially for converting energy points into miles: tune in to the program in February and discover all the new features!


Discovering a whole new energy together. Yours.



Miles with EnelPremia 3.0


By earning Energy Points, you will be able to claim bonuses on your bills, awards from the new catalog or earn miles. 
If you are a MilleMiglia Program Member and have registered for EnelPremia 3.0, you can use your Energy Points to obtain miles until 30/04/2017.

Energy points Miles
500 500


Hurry up and convert your ENELPREMIA 3.0 energy points into miles: you have time from January 16 to the end of January 2017. The new edition of the program starts in February and all the energy points earned in the old edition will no longer be valid. So convert your points into miles before January 31 and take advantage of the “double miles” promotion for MilleMiglia Members: you will earn 1,000 miles for every 500 ENELPREMIA 3.0 energy points.

To have your points converted, call the toll-free number 800 900860 and choose option 4, available every day. Alternatively, go to the EnelPremia 3.0 program reserved area on the website and enter your MilleMiglia card number and your last name. The miles will be credited directly to your account within a short space of time.





The EnelPremia 3.0 program is valid until 30/04/2017. Regulations at


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