Purchases, refunds and certification of flights taken

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The following variable service charges will be applied to tickets purchased, depending on the purchase channel:


Online purchases

There is no service charge for purchases made on alitalia.com.



Purchases from the Call Center

EUR 9,5 for a ticket purchased at the time of booking
EUR 25 for a domestic ticket purchased after booking
EUR 25 for an international ticket purchased after booking


Purchases of MilleMiglia award tickets from the Call Center

EUR 10 for a ticket purchased at the time of booking
EUR 20 for a domestic ticket purchased after booking
EUR 20 for an international ticket purchased after booking

1) Service charges do not apply for children under 2 years old
2) The service charge does not apply if the award ticket cannot be booked on Alitalia website


Purchases from ticket desks managed by Alitalia


EUR 12 for a domestic ticket
EUR 25 for an international ticket in the Schengen area and Switzerland
EUR 35 per ticket for all other destinations


Refunds of the total or partial ticket price for flights canceled by the passenger are permitted in accordance with the conditions of carriage for the ticket bought. The conditions of carriage are shown during the booking and purchase process and on the ticket receipt.

Airport and security taxes are always refundable for all fares.


The service charge is not refundable.


Refunds of tickets bought on alitalia.com, through the Customer Center and Alitalia ticket desks must be requested by telephoning the Customer Center on 89.20.10*. For tickets issued by travel agencies, the request should be sent to the agency.


For refunds of airport taxes and administrative charges related to tickets with a non-refundable fare, please contact: 06 65640.

*From landlines, VAT included: 64 cent/min. with no connection charge. From cellphones, VAT included: TIM, Vodafone and Tre (16 cent connection charge + 95 cent/min.); Wind (15 cent connection charge + 98 cent/min.).


For the tickets bought in Italy, if the outward flight (or a segment of it) is not used for any reason, the request to hold the validity of the ticket for the return flight only, can be accepted only if previously communicated to Alitalia’s Contact Center at +39 0665640  in the terms below:

  • within the 24 hours following the departure of the unused flight;


  • if the departure time of the return flight falls within the 24 hours from the first flight, Contact Center must be called at least 2 hours before the departure time of the return flight.


The Contact Center will issue a new electronic Ticket for the modified itinerary and the check-in shall be performed on the Alitalia’s website (if available) or at the airport.


In case the above terms and conditions are not strictly met, Alitalia, subject to seats availability on the return flight, reserves the right to ask for the payment of the difference between the original ticket purchased and the highest fare in the same class/compartment applicable to the modified itinerary at the time of ticket reissuance. In case the fare rules of the original  ticket are more favourable for the passenger, these will be applied.