The Program

Everything you need to know about the MilleMiglia Program: from dedicated services to exclusive privileges for you and your family.




If you are not already a MilleMiglia member, join now.

If you are a member, register your child's details and receive an identification code, which you can use immediately to earn miles on your account.

Remember to give your identification code at check-in every time your child travels on Alitalia flights.


The miles your child earns for each single flight will be credited to the account of the parent that the child is linked to, according to the current MilleMiglia Program regulations, up to a maximum of 100% of the miles flown (= base miles).

Terms and Conditions

  • Members with children between 2 and 13 years old can earn miles on their own account for flights operated by Alitalia (with AZ flight code on the ticket) taken by their children. 
  • Each child can be linked to the MilleMiglia code of one parent only, with the prior agreement and authorization of the other parent.
  • A MilleMiglia member may have more than one child linked to their account. 
  • To activate this program, the parent must fill out the form available on the website. It can take up to 30 days to assign the child's identification code and activate the program in Alitalia's systems while the necessary checks are carried out.
  • The miles that your child earns for each single flight will only be credited to the account of the parent that the child is linked with, and only for flights taken after the identification code assigned to the child has been provided, and according to the MilleMiglia Program regulations in force at the time of the flight, up to a maximum of 100% of the miles flown (= base miles), even if the fare has a higher mileage value.
  • The miles earned with the flights taken by the child cannot be used to renew or gain access to the Exclusive Clubs.
  • Parents cannot earn promotional miles for flights taken by their child. 
  • Miles start to be earned immediately following activation of the program in Alitalia systems and are credited to the parent's account whether the child flies unaccompanied, with the parent or with a third party.
  • Missing miles may be requested within four months of the flight as per the rules of the Program. In no case may missing miles be requested for flights made during the four months prior to activating the link between the child and the parent, that is to say before Alitalia sent the child's identification code.
  • It is possible to change the parent that the child is linked to by contacting the Customer Center or by faxing the form available on the website, following the instructions provided by Customer Service. The change request must be made by the parent to whom the child is currently linked. Once the change is complete, the miles for the child's flights will be credited to the account of the other parent.
  • Where the email address provided by the parent at the time of registration with the program is different to that held in the Alitalia database, it will replace the previous email address in Alitalia systems. The new email address will be used for all future MilleMiglia communications.
  • Once the child turns 14 years of age, the child's link to the parent's account will automatically end. The child can confirm membership of the MilleMiglia Program by providing his or her identification code when making his or her first flight transaction. From then on, the child's identification code will become his or her MilleMiglia code and all miles will be credited to his or her personal account.
  • Alitalia declines all responsibility for any false information provided by members, who are punishable pursuant to Articles 483, 495, 496 of the Italian Penal Code and applicable laws.