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In this section you can find details of the promotion and regulation of the MilleMiglia Program just expired.



New direct flight Washington – Rome: earn up to 5,000 bonus miles!


Discover the uniqueness of Italy starting from the Eternal City. Purchase your trip from Rome to Washington or viceversa, with the new Alitalia flight, from 28 February to 28 March 2019 to fly from 2 May to 30 June 2019 and take advantage of a dedicated miles promotion.


Earn up to 5,000 bonus miles, based on the travel class purchased:



Premium Economy Class
Economy Class

5,000 bonus miles

3,500 bonus miles

2,500 bonus miles


The bonus miles you earn will allow you to get your next award ticket even faster or pay the ticket, totally or partially in miles, with Cash&Miles option.



Are you not still a member of the MilleMiglia Program? Join now to earn 2,000 Welcome Bonus miles!


* Promotion valid only for the following countries: Italy and United States of America.




1.       Take part in the promotion MilleMiglia Members resident in Italy and in United States. Residence means the address registered on Alitalia's systems on 15th July 2019.

2.       MilleMiglia members who buy a ticket between 28th February 2018 and 28th March 2019 to fly from 2nd May and 30th June 2019 on the Rome Fiumicino – Washington and Washington – Rome Fiumicino routes, operated by Alitalia, will receive, in addition to the miles that are usually awarded, a bonus once, based on the travel class purchased:

  • 5,000 bonus miles in Magnifica Class
  • 3,500 bonus miles in Premium Economy Class
  • 2,500 bonus miles in Economy Class

3.       To obtain bonus miles are valid only the following Alitalia flights: AZ618, AZ619.

4.       The bonus miles foreseen by the initiative are not applied to flights of children registered in MilleMiglia Kids Program, award flights, charter flights, flights taken free of charge or with fare discounts of more than 40% of the normal public fares (excluding taxes and surcharges) and/or with ID and AD fares.

5.       Bonus miles are earned with flights flown within 30th June 2019 and registered in the Alitalia systems by 15th July 2019. Participating members are responsible for checking that miles have been credited to their account and may claim any missing miles using the Request Your Miles service in the "Missing Miles" section of the website

6.       Bonus miles are credited to the Members account at the end of the promotion by 31st July 2019.

7.       Bonus miles earned with this promotion are not valid to join or renew the membership to Exclusive Clubs.

8.       Bonuses are credited even if the travel itinerary includes connecting flights to another destination.

9.       Members can participate in the promotion only once and will receive the major bonus they are entitled for.

10.   This initiative cannot be combined with other promotions in miles regarding the same period and the same ticket. If it happens, the highest bonus provided by the several promotions will be accrued.



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