Whenever MilleMiglia Members choose to stay in hotels belonging to any of the 3 brands of Gruppo UNA* (UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY), they can earn:


3 miles for every euro spent

UNA Esperienze

2 miles for every euro spent


1 mile for every euro spent



Extras and local/tourist taxes do not entitle users to earn miles.

*Please check that the selected hotel is taking part in the initiative.




Miles will only be earned when bookings are made through the Gruppo UNA direct channels, by providing one’s MilleMiglia code:



The rates that entitle users to miles include both public and negotiated rates, provided they are booked through the indicated channels. Bookings made through sites and channels other than the official Gruppo UNA channels do not entitle users to earn miles.


Your MilleMiglia Card must be shown to the Hotel Reception staff in order to be eligible for earning miles.

The miles will be added to your account within 15 days after the end of your stay. If your miles are not added to your account, you need to send an email to





  • Gruppo UNA is the largest Italian hotel chain in Italy, with a wide range of hotels, villas and resorts throughout the peninsula
  • It offers its guests a comprehensive and authentic view of everything that Italy can offer, with attention paid to both business and leisure customers
  • Three brands for three ways of enjoying hospitality: UNA Esperienze, dream locations where pleasure speaks to all the senses; UNAHOTELS, with a genuinely Italian atmosphere; UNAWAY, efficient solutions for smart stays without sacrificing quality.