The Taxiblu 024040 radio taxi cooperative was founded in Milan in 2000 to meet the requirements of a high-end segment, renewing and improving taxi services in Milan.


Taxiblu 024040 has a fleet of 1,800 vehicles, all equipped with POS payment facilities and ensures that customers are assigned the nearest taxi through a satellite search center.


With this facility, Taxiblu has positioned itself at the cutting edge of taxi services in Italy.


In addition to reliability and transparency, Taxiblu 024040's objectives have always been to improve and increase the services it offers its customers, in terms of both quality and quantity, offering custom solutions to all types of customer.





With Taxiblu 024040, MilleMiglia Members can earn miles every day and on every journey:

  • 2 miles for every euro spent 

Until 30th  June double your miles for any ride on a public holiday and at the weekend.

For all taxi request call the 024040 number stating that you are a MilleMiglia Program Member


Always remember to show the taxi driver your MilleMiglia Card. We accept credit and debit cards on board.





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