China Southern operates more than 2,000 daily flights to 208 destinations in 40 countries worldwide.



Starting from 1 January 2019 miles can only be earned on flights operated by the Partner Airline or in collaboration between Alitalia and the Partner Company.


Class of service Booking class Miles*
Discounted Economy
A, U, L, E, Q, S
40% of the miles flown
Economy Y, B, M, H, K, P
100% of the miles flown
Premium Economy
110% of the miles flown
100% of the miles flown
J, C, D
130% of the miles flown
First Class
150% of the miles flown


** Flights taken from October 30, 2016. For flights taken until October 29, 2016 “P” class entitled to 150% of miles flown.


Miles cannot be earned with the following booking classes: V, Z, T, N, R

The miles earned with China Southern are valid to renew or gain access to Exclusive Club Memberships





Request your award ticket based on the Multicarrier table


See table for award tickets requested until October 14, 2016

* Calculated based on the IATA TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage).