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Combining modern technology with traditional oriental hospitality, Jet Airways offers one of the world's best flying experiences. As a global airline, it operates over 350 flights per day within India and worldwide.



Miles earned on flights operated by Jet Airways are qualifying miles, so they can be used to join or renew membership to our Exclusive Clubs.Freccia Alata Plus, Freccia Alata and Ulisse Members can also benefit from a range of special services.
See the "Services and Benefits" table at the bottom of the page.

Miles can only be earned on flights operated by the Partner Airline or in collaboration between Alitalia and the Partner Company.


The table shows the miles earned based on the distance flown and the chosen booking class:


Service Classes Booking Classes Miles*
Economy K, H, V, O, W, B
25% of the miles flown
Economy N, L, Q, S 50% of the miles flown
Economy Y, M, T, U Miles flown
Business C, J, Z, I, P 150% of the miles flown
First F, A 200% of the miles flown


Miles cannot be earned with the following booking classes: R, X, G, E, D.

* Calculated based on the IATA-TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage).





Request your award ticket based on the Multicarrier table

See table for award tickets requested until October 14, 2016





The following services and benefits are reserved for Exclusive Club Members when they travel on flights operated by Jet Airways


Table valid for flights taken from October 04, 2016

  Ulisse Freccia Alata Freccia Alata Plus
Extra Luggage Allowance* 10 kg or 1 bag (23Kg in Economy - 32Kg in Business)
15 kg or 1 bag (23Kg in Economy - 32Kg in Business)
20 kg or 1 bag (23Kg in Economy - 32Kg in Business)
LOUNGE ACCESS** for flights operated by Jet Airways
- Yes Yes
Priority check-in Yes Yes Yes
Priority boarding - Yes Yes
Exclusive Bonus 25% 50% 100%
Qualifying Miles*** Yes Yes Yes


* No Extra baggage: in the event of Economy Deal fares for travel within India and for Ulisse customers when traveling on ATR aircraft. The following extra baggage is applied in case of travel in Economy within India: Ulysses 5kg, Freccia Alata 10Kg, 15Kg Freccia Alata Plus.
** Lounge List can be found on the Jet Airways website (excluding lounges SkyTeam  and oneworld). Access is not possible in case of Economy Deal fare for travel within India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. From 1 March 2017 access to the new Lounges in the Colombo, Dhaka and Kathmandu airports is possible only when travelling with a Business class ticket.
***All MilleMiglia Members, including Basic Members, earn qualifying miles on flights operated by Jet Airways.