Gambero Rosso

Because you have an Alitalia boarding pass for a flight to/from Rome, purchased in 2020, you can enjoy a special discount of 15% on cooking courses for food enthusiasts, wine and food pairings, events and publishing products, as well as a special discount of 20% on the big news of 2020: GAMBERO ROSSO PREMIUM which allows you to enjoy more than 5,000 bars, 30,000 wines and 1,000 original recipes. With your Alitalia discount, you can purchase an annual Premium subscription that includes: all Gambero Rosso online guides, a monthly magazine on tablets and smartphones and a monthly paper magazine for one year.


To benefit from the course discount you should:


  1. Select the product you want by visiting the Gambero Rosso store.
  2. Send an email to, providing your Alitalia boarding pass and either the product you have chosen or a request to purchase Gambero Rosso Premium.
  3. You will be notified of the discount code needed to purchase the requested product and instructions to complete any payment.


For further information: