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Enjoy the special promotions of MilleMiglia Program and its partners and earn more miles.


In this section you can find details of the promotion and regulation of the MilleMiglia Program just expired.


Car rentals in Sicily and Sardinia with Avis


Get where you’re going with Avis at the best car hire rates: the additional driver is free of charge and you get up to 20% discount. What's more, if you are a MilleMiglia Club Member, you earn 3,000 bonus miles for every rental of at least 2 days. Book and rent your car in Sicily and/or Sardinia from 1 September to 31 October 2020.


Book your rentals online straightaway, selecting your MilleMiglia Club, or by calling the AVIS Call Center on 199 100133* from Italy (or+39 06 45 21 08 391 from abroad) and providing the AVIS discount code as shown in the table: 


Your MilleMiglia Club 

AVIS discount code 





Freccia Alata 


Freccia Alata Plus 



And remember that during the promotion period you can change or cancel your reservations for free.



* Calls charged at a local rate from a landline; costs may vary depending on your operator, if calling from a mobile number



  • The bonus miles will be awarded on all rentals lasting a minimum of 2 days booked and completed in the period from 1 September 2020 to 31 October 2020, in Sicily and/or Sardinia with Avis.
  • To get the Bonus Miles credited on their account, Members need to provide the AVIS discount code of the MilleMiglia Club they belong. 
  • When picking up their car, Members must show your MilleMiglia Card or communicate your MilleMiglia code.
  • The bonus miles, obtained during the promotion period, will be credited together with the standard miles differentiated according to the MilleMiglia Club they belong to.
  • The miles will be added to Members’ account within 4 months from the end of the rental period. 
  • Members shall be entitled to have any missing miles added to their account by making a request after 4 months from the rental conclusion date.
  • Standard miles and bonus miles will not be earned on replacement hires, on incoming rentals booked through tour operators and on monthly rentals.


Book your winter holidays or your weekends with Booking,com and enjoy your stays with 15% discount*.


In addition, by booking exclusively from the dedicated link you earn double miles:


8 miles (instead of 4) for every euro spent


The double miles offer is valid for all bookings made between 28 September and 7 October 2020. offers you maximum assistance and flexibility when changing your travel plans. Always check the cancellation policies of your reservation.

Get bonus miles and discounts every time you rent a car with Avis in Italy and abroad


Choose Avis for your car rentals in Italy and in the rest of the world. Make your reservation from February 5th to 29th 2020 and rent your car from February 5th to May 31st 2020. For car rentals of two days at least, you can get:

  • 6,000 bonus miles, in addition to the standard miles for rentals around the world
  • 20% discount on the rental rate for rentals in Italy and Europe
  • Free second guide option included in the rate
  • Priority Lane, dedicated to MilleMiglia Members, in the main Italian airports *


Moreover, for Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus Members, the free upgrade is included in the rate!



Discover all the benefits dedicated to the MilleMiglia Program Members



  • When picking up their car, Members must communicate their MilleMiglia card number
  • The offer cannot be combined with other current promotions and replaces the discount normally recognized depending on the club the Members belong to.
  • The miles bonus earned during the promotion period, will be credited along with the standard miles, according to the Club the members belong to.
  • The miles will be added to Members’ account within 4 months from the end of the rental period.
  • Standard miles and bonus miles will not be earned on replacement hires, on incoming rentals booked through tour operators and on monthly rentals.


* Priority Lane available in the following Italian airports: Fiumicino, Linate, Malpensa, Catania and Palermo.



Discover Alitalia BusinessConnect, the special program for small and medium enterprises that allows you to earn miles with your business trips to:

  • Request award tickets for flights operated by Alitalia and its main Partner Airlines
  • Get discounts on Alitalia tickets – even of up to 100% of the ticket value – with the option Cash&Miles
  • Make your trip even more comfortable, thanks to class upgrades and extra baggage allowance
  • Have access to Casa Alitalia lounges


Registering with Alitalia BusinessConnect online is free, easy and fast! By following just 4 steps, your Company will be entitled to benefit from these advantages and have the possibility to save on business trips.


By joining Alitalia BusinessConnect  between 12 July and 31 August 2019, entering the promotional code ENROLL19 when requested, and by flying at least one leg on Alitalia flights within 3 months from enrolment, your Company’s account will be boosted by

10,000 bonus miles


Don’t miss your chance to help your Company save money thanks to the incredible Miles Bonus!



1.       Companies who join in Alitalia BusinessConnect Program between 12th July 2019 and 31st August 2019 with the Promotion Code “ENROLL19” receive a Welcome Bonus equal to 2,000 miles. In addition, Companies, purchase one ticket to fly at least one leg with Alitalia within three months from the joining date, receive a bonus equal to 10,000 miles.

2.       Only Alitalia tickets (ticket number starting with 055) for flights operated by Alitalia aircraft or flights operated by Alitalia Partner Airlines aircraft and booked in the aircraft partition dedicated to Alitalia seats (booking with AZ flight code) are eligible for the promotion.

3.       Participating Companies are responsible to communicate, during the reservation, the Company Code received immediately after joining the Program. Only flights purchased and flown within the terms set by the initiative and correctly associated with the Company Code are eligible for the promotion.

4.       Bonus miles will be credited on the Company BusinessConnect account within 60 days from the date of the flight, in addition to miles normally provided.

5.       Companies can participate in the promotion only once.

6.       The initiative cannot be combined with other promotions concerning the same period and the same ticket. If this event occurs, the highest bonus provided by the several promotions will be accrued.



New opportunities to bolster your miles account!


Book two one-way flights or one return flight with Alitalia between 24 September and 24 October 2019, choosing from among the following dates and destinations, and you'll get lots of bonus miles!





in Magnifica


in Premium Economy


in Economy


From 1 November to 15 December 2019


(and viceversa)


(and viceversa)


(and viceversa)


(and viceversa)


(and viceversa)


(and  viceversa)


(and  viceversa)



in Business


in Economy


From 28 September to

15 December 2019


(e viceversa)


(e viceversa)


(e viceversa)


(e viceversa)


(e viceversa)


(e viceversa)

So, you can bolster your miles account and apply sooner for an award ticket or get a discount on your next Alitalia ticket by using the Cash&Miles option!



1. MilleMiglia Members who purchase one or more tickets between 24 September 2019 and 24 October 2019 to take any two (one-way) flights between 28 September 2019 and 15 December 2019 on the medium-haul routes in the offer and between 1 November 2019 and 15 December 2019 on the long-haul routes in the offer (as shown in points 2 and 3 of these regulations and operated by Alitalia with AZ flight numbers) shall receive a miles bonus that varies according to the service class and network flown, in addition to the normally-earned miles.

2. The specified bonus miles when purchasing and taking two flights on the long-haul routes in the offer are: 

  • 10,000 bonus miles in the Magnifica class;
  • 5,000 bonus miles in the Premium Economy Class;
  • 2,500 bonus miles in the Economy Class.

The following long-haul routes (flying in either direction) are valid in this offer for earning bonus miles:

  • Rome – Boston
  • Rome – Mexico City
  • Rome – Johannesburg
  • Rome – Male
  • Rome – Tokyo
  • Milan Malpensa – Tokyo
  • Milan Malpensa – Male

3. The specified bonus miles when purchasing and taking two flights on medium-haul routes in the offer are: 

  • 4,000 bonus miles in the Business class;
  • 2,000 bonus miles in the Economy class;

The following medium-haul routes (flying in either direction) are valid in this offer for earning bonus miles:

  • Rome – Amman (up to 26 October 2019)
  • Rome – Berlin
  • Rome – Frankfurt
  • Rome – Munich
  • Rome – Prague
  • Rome – Warsaw

4. The following Alitalia flight numbers are not eligible for earning these bonus miles: from AZ2400 to AZ3999, from AZ4101 to AZ5999, from AZ6031 to AZ6267, and from AZ7000 to AZ7999.

5. The following flights are not eligible for the initiative: flights taken by children enrolled in the MilleMiglia Kids scheme, award flights, charter flights, flights taken free of charge or those with a discount of 40% or more on the normal public fares (excluding taxes and surcharges) and/or those that have ID and AD fare codes.

6. Flights taken by 15 December 2019 and recorded on the Alitalia IT systems by 18 December 2019 are deemed valid. It is the responsibility of Members to check that the miles for the flights have been added to their account, and if necessary to apply for the missing miles via the Request Your Miles service in the “Missing Miles” section on the site.

7. Bonus miles shall be added to Members' accounts at the end of the offer and, nevertheless, by 31 December 2019.

8. Bonus miles earned with this offer are not valid for accessing or renewing membership of the Exclusive Clubs.

9. The bonuses are awarded even when the itinerary involves flying on to another destination.

10. Members can only receive the bonus award once and, if more than one bonus is accrued, they will receive the one with the highest value.

11. If the two flights needed to obtain the bonus miles are flown in two different service classes, each flight will be awarded half the bonus amount for that class.

12. The scheme cannot be combined with other mile-based offers regarding the same period and the same ticket. If this happens, the Member will be awarded the highest bonus available from among the various offers at the time.


Descubra o Alitalia BusinessConnect, o programa dedicado às pequenas e médias empresas que, graças às viagens de negócios, permite o acúmulo de milhas que podem ser utilizadas para:

  • Solicitar bilhetes-prêmio para voos da Alitalia e das principais Companhias Aéreas Parceiras;
  • obter descontos nos bilhetes da Alitalia de até 100% do valor da passagem, através do serviço Cash&Miles: 
  • Viajar ainda mais confortável com os Upgrades de classe e bagagem adicional;
  • Ter acesso aos lounges Casa Alitalia.


O cadastro online na Alitalia BusinessConnect é gratuito, simples e rápido! Em apenas 4 etapas, a sua companhia poderá obter todos estes benefícios e economizar nas viagens corporativas.


Se a sua Companhia se cadastrar na Alitalia BusinessConnect entre 12 de Julho e 31 de Agosto de 2019, fornecendo o código promocional “ENROLL19” quando lhe for solicitado, voando, pelo menos, um trecho com a Alitalia no prazo de 3 meses após o cadastramento, poderá acumular na conta corporativa, em caráter excepcional:  



10.000 milhas - bônus


Aproveite esta oportunidade para que a sua Companhia comece a economizar, graças às incríveis Milhas Bônus!



  1. As companhias que entre 12 de julho de 2019 e 31 de agosto de 2019 aderirem ao Programa Alitalia BusinessConnect, fornecendo o código promocional "ENROLL19" e que adquirirem um bilhete para viajar, dentro do prazo de três meses após a data de inscrição, em pelo menos um trecho dos voos operados pela Alitalia, ganham um bônus de 10.000 milhas.
  2. Para o acúmulo das milhas são válidos os bilhetes da Alitalia (número do bilhete: 055) nos voos operados pela Alitalia e/ou por Companhias Aéreas Parceiras desde que reservados na área da aeronave dedicada aos assentos da Alitalia (com o código de voo AZ indicado no bilhete).
  3. É de responsabilidade da Companhia fornecer, no momento da reserva, o Código da Companhia recebido imediatamente após a realização do cadastro. Somente os bilhetes adquiridos e utilizados nos termos previstos por esta iniciativa promocional e corretamente associados ao Código da Companhia serão considerados válidos.
  4. As milhas-bônus serão creditadas na conta Alitalia BusinessConnect da Companhia, além das milhas convencionais, no prazo de 60 dias a contar da data de realização do voo.
  5. Cada Companhia poderá participar da iniciativa apenas uma vez.
  6. Esta Promoção não é cumulativa com outras promoções de milhagem em vigor no mesmo período e no mesmo bilhete. Caso isso ocorra, será reconhecido o maior bônus previsto pelas diversas promoções em andamento.