2016-2017 Edition




1.1 The terms and expressions contained in the present Regulations are defined as follows, unless otherwise specified: 

  • “Alitalia Loyalty” means Alitalia Loyalty S.p.A., with registered office in Fiumicino (RM), Italy, Alfa Building, Via Alberto Nassetti snc, Italian fiscal code, VAT no. and registration in the Companies’ Register of Rome no. 1223187100, REA RM-1359262, share capital equal to 500,000.00 EUR, fully paid.
  • “Airline” or "Alitalia" means Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A. Italian fiscal code, VAT no. and registration in the Companies’ Register of Rome no. 13029381004, REA RM-1418603, share capital equal to 103,105,126.99 EUR.
  • "MilleMiglia Card" means a plastic loyalty card issued by the Promoters containing the Member’s given name(s), family name and personal code number (MilleMiglia code), which can be used to benefit from the services offered by the Program.
  • “Co-branded Card” means a plastic card containing the logo of the Promoters and of a Partner, which can be used both as a loyalty card and as credit card and to which specific benefits can be linked.
  • "Exclusive Clubs" means the "Ulisse Club," the "Freccia Alata Club" and the "Freccia Alata Plus Club". Membership in these Exclusive Clubs is granted to Members as set out in the present Regulations, and entitles them to receive special services and benefits.
  • "SkyTeam Airline" or "SkyTeam Airlines" means the Partner or Partners belonging to the SkyTeam Alliance, as listed in Annex A, which is available on the website www.alitalia.com.
  • "Program Communications" means all communications related to the Program that will be published from time to time on the website www.alitalia.com and/or in other media relating to the Program, such as brochures, e-magazines, newsletters, etc.
  •  "General Conditions of Carriage (or GCC)" means the general conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage, available on the website www.alitalia.com.
  • “Co-Controllers” means Alitalia Loyalty S.p.A. and Alitalia - Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A., pursuant to art. 28 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the “Italian Privacy Code”).
  • "Customer Centre" means the telephone service for Members to request information, make bookings and obtain tickets, Rewards and assistance.
  • “Loylogic Inc.” means the Company contracted by the Promoters to manage the “MilleMiglia Gallery” reward catalogue and provide the necessary and appropriate services for Members to be able to claim the Rewards featured in the catalogue.
  • "Miles" means the Program's unit of measurement. Miles are earned through the Promoters and/or their Partners or purchased from Points International Ltd. Earning Miles in specified amounts enables Members to claim and obtain Rewards.
  • "Qualifying Miles" means the Miles that enable Members to join or renew their membership of the Exclusive Clubs.
  • “MilleMiglia Gallery” means the online catalogue that enables Members to use their earned Miles to claim Reward products and services other than Reward tickets, as well as Upgrades and Cash & Miles.
  • “MM” is the acronym of MilleMiglia.
  • "Partner" means either an airline or a company/entity that carries out activities other than air transport (in the latter case also named “Commercial Partner”), associated with the Program under a specific agreement. The Program Partners are listed in Annex A.
  • "PIN" (Personal Identification Number) means a secret personal code that allows Members to access the dedicated Program section and other online services on the website www.alitalia.com.
  • "Points International Ltd." means the company authorized by the Promoters, under a specific agreement, to manage the sale and transfer of Miles in order to claim a Reward.
  • "Reward" means an air ticket or other rewards that can be obtained by spending the Miles earned on the terms and conditions set out in the present Regulations, in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications.
  • "MilleMiglia Program" or "Program" means a reward program, whose purpose is to promote loyalty among the Promoters' customers, with duration from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015, subsequently extended until 31 August 2016, and further extended to 31 December 2017.
  • "Promoters" of the MilleMiglia Program means Alitalia and Alitalia Loyalty.
  • "MilleMiglia Regulations" means the terms and conditions set out herein, in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications, which govern the operation of the MilleMiglia reward program.
  • "Later Crediting" means the crediting of Miles to a Member's account after the time at which such crediting would automatically take place in the usual procedure.
  • "Itinerary receipt" means a document certifying the issue of an electronic ticket (e-ticket).
  • "SkyTeam" means the alliance of the air carriers established on 22 June 2000, referred to in the list of Annex A hereto.
  • "Member" means a natural person who participates in the Program, by joining it and accepting the present Regulations, and whose name is shown on the Card.
  • "Qualifying Flights" means all flights flown in the fare classes that are eligible for Qualifying Miles.


1.2 Members' participation in the Program is free of charge and subject to the acceptance of the present Regulations. By joining the Program, Members accept the entire content of this Regulations and any further changes thereto. 

1.3 The Promoters reserve their right to modify the present Regulation the terms and conditions of participation in the Program, the Rewards, the tables for earning and using Miles, the system for earning Qualifying Miles and the participation of any Program Partner at any time, either fully or partially,. Members will receive notice without delay of any changes or additions, through notices published on the website www.alitalia.com and/or through the Program Communications. Members are not entitled to claim any refund or compensation from the Promoters for, and a result of any changes required by law or made in compliance with the applicable legislation.

1.4 For further information about the Program, please consult the MilleMiglia section of the website www.alitalia.com or call the Customer Centre on the phone numbers indicated in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications.


2.1 All natural persons of at least 14 years of age who are paying passengers on flights of the Promoters or the Partners Airlines and/or have bought goods and services from the Promoters and/or Partners, , upon registering, provided a preferred postal address (to be considered by the Promoters as the place where they reside for the sole purpose of participating in promotional initiatives restricted to a specific location) and a personal email address (for receiving MilleMiglia correspondence and the MilleMiglia Card) are eligible to participate in the Program. For non-emancipated minors, registering for the Program is subject to the explicit consent and responsibility of, and shall be managed by their parents or guardians (persons with parental authority). 

2.2 The Promoters reserve the right to deny participation in the Program to whoever does not meet the requirements set out in the present Regulations or to exclude them from the Program if non-compliance with the aforementioned requirements is subsequently discovered. If Program registration should contravene or fail to comply with the applicable provisions of the Regulations, the Promoters reserve the right to revoke the Member's registration, to cancel any earned Miles still to be redeemed at the time that notice is given of the revocation, and to void any Rewards previously obtained but not yet redeemed. 

2.3 To join the Program, Members are required to register via the website www.alitalia.com, contact the Customer Centre or use the other channels to be from time to time communicated by the Promoters. Registering for the MilleMiglia Program implies the Members’ full reading and acceptance of the present Regulations. If a prior subscription has been made to any Co-branded Cards which indispensably and mandatorily require the card holder’s prior registration for the Program, this registration may be made by the respective card holders through a form to be completed by them in order to communicate their personal details to the Promoters and the financial Partners promoting the Cards. 

2.4 Upon registration, Members are provided with a personal numerical code (MilleMiglia code), which must be given when booking flights and checking in at the airport for the relevant number of Miles to be credited. The personal numerical code identifying each Member corresponds to an account to which any earned Miles will be credited as a result of: (i) flights effectively flown with Alitalia through the use of paid air tickets (and not Reward tickets) (ii) flights effectively flown with Partner Airlines through the use of paid air tickets (and not Reward tickets), (iii) the use of goods supplied from and/or services provided by Promoters, and (iv) the purchase of products and the use of goods supplied from and/or services provided by other Partners, on the terms and conditions set out in the website www.alitalia.com and/or in the Program Communications. 

2.5 At their own email address, Members will also receive a PIN and specific instructions to access their dedicated services. Members are solely responsible for the confidentiality of their own PIN and the Promoters may not be held responsible or liable for any fraudulent use of it. 

2.6 After their first flight flown with Alitalia and/or with Partners or after their first purchase from Commercial Partners, Members will receive, in a separate shipment, a MilleMiglia Card, bearing their personal information and a personal numerical code. The MilleMiglia Card is individually issued and registered in the name of each Member, who shall also be its only holder and user. This Card remains the property of the Promoters and must be returned if requested by them or if the Member withdraws from the Program. In the event that the MilleMiglia Card is lost, stolen or damaged, the Member must promptly give notice of such event to the Customer Centre. The Customer Centre may then re-issue the card or close the corresponding account, and open a new account to which the entire balance of the Miles earned will be transferred. In such an event, the Member will receive a new code, a new MilleMiglia Card and a new PIN. However, the Promoters may not be held responsible or liable for any fraudulent use of a lost or stolen MilleMiglia Card. If a PIN is lost, the Member should contact the Customer Centre, which will issue a new PIN and send it to the email address provided by the Member. Members can also retrieve their own PIN by using the identification function in the website www.alitalia.com. To this end, Members should always make sure that their registered email addresses and other data are always the current ones. For security reasons, after retrieving an old PIN, Members are required to change it through the data update function available in the website www.alitalia.com

2.7 Each registration is made in the name of a single Member and requires the Member to provide his or her own personal data and to notify any changes thereto via the website or by contacting the Customer Centre. Each Member shall ensure that any information provided to Promoters is accurate as the only person responsible for such accuracy. Registering more than one person under the same personal numerical code or the same account is not allowed, except where expressly provided for in the present Regulations and stated in the website and/or the Program Communications. If multiple codes or accounts are registered to the same Member, the Promoters will first inform the Member in question and then transfer the balance of the Miles earned to a single account and close the other accounts. In such case, if Miles relating to the same flight/service have been credited to multiple accounts opened in the name of the same Member, they will be credited just once to the only valid account. 

2.8 Members' accounts are personal and opened in their name, which means it will possible for them to receive or use Miles exclusively earned by them rather than by any other persons, including any heirs.

2.9 The purchase and transfer of Miles between different accounts is not permitted other than as expressly provided for in the present Regulations and stated in the website and/or the Program Communications. 
2.10 Members who were registered for previous MilleMiglia Programs shall be automatically registered for the new Program, without prejudice to their right to request cancellation of their Membership. Members may withdraw from the Program at any time prior to the expiration of their membership. In such case, Members will be able to use the Miles earned to that point to claim a Reward; any residual Miles will be cancelled at the time of withdrawal. Members may only withdraw from the Program by a written notice of withdrawal – bearing reference to their personal numerical code with an attached countersigned document – sent to the email address privacy@alitalia.com

2.11 Members may not sell or trade their Miles in any way, except where expressly provided for in the present Regulations and stated in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. Similarly, Members may not sell or trade the advantages and benefits obtained through the Program, except where expressly provided for in the present Regulations and stated in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. 

2.12 The Promoters reserve the right to offer promotional initiatives to specific groups of customers. By participating in such promotional initiatives, the Customer may receive a number of benefits in addition to those provided for by the Program. 

2.13 Program Members may subscribe to the Social Login service, which gives them access to all MilleMiglia services using the access credentials of their favorite social network. The personal data provided when subscribing to the service is collected and recorded by the Promoters in paper, electronic and/or computer and/or digital formats, protected and processed with the appropriate means for ensuring security and confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Code." 


3.1 Members' participation in the Program is subject to their compliance with all the conditions and rules of conduct specified in the present Regulations. 

3.2 In particular, Members are prohibited from behaving in a manner that is improper, indecent, disrespectful or offensive towards the employees of the Promoters or Program Partner Airlines, companies or other entities, or from any inappropriate behavior on board an aircraft or in areas reserved for Members, or from refusing to follow instructions given by employees of the Airline or Program Partner Airlines, companies or other entities. 

3.3 Members may not falsify or alter the information relating to their participation in the Program in any way, and may not make false or misleading statements or provide false or misleading information in order to gain advantages they are not entitled to. 
3.4 Members are not allowed to sell, exchange, auction or assign to third parties in any form any Miles and/or Rewards, unless such sale, exchange, auctioning or assignment is expressly permitted under the present Regulations. Any brokerage to purchase or sell Miles and/or Rewards or unauthorized purchase or use of Rewards are also forbidden.

3.5 In no event may Miles be converted to cash. 

3.6 The Promoters reserve their right to check – at any time and without notice – the members’ accounts, in particular to verify that Miles are properly earned and spent and that Rewards are properly used in relation to any of the services provided by Alitalia and its Partners.

Moreover, the Promoters reserve the right to claim compensations for any damage or loss caused by an improper use of the Card, Miles or Rewards. 

3.7 Any abuse or breach of the conditions hereof, and any fraud or misrepresentation shall be subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal actions by the competent governmental authorities and the Promoters. 

3.8 The Promoters reserve their right to exclude a Member from the Program, withdraw the Card, including the Freccia Alata Per Sempre Card, to cancel any earned Miles still to be redeemed at the time that notice is given of the exclusion, and to void any Rewards previously obtained but not yet redeemed, if the Member fails to comply with all of the conditions of the present Regulations and/or his or her conduct does not comply with them, with the applicable legislation, with the Airline's GCCs (General Conditions of Carriage), those of any of its Partner Airlines and, more generally, with any other applicable regulations or provisions, or if such conduct is such as to cause damage to the Promoters or Partners. In addition, the Promoters are entitled to suspend the Member's MilleMiglia Card for as long as required for any investigations to be conducted if objective evidence of a just cause is found. While these investigations are ongoing, the Member in question may be prohibited from spending Miles or enjoying the benefits and services associated with the Program.


Annex A hereto, the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications report a list of Program Partners. The list is subject to changes at any time. The Promoters shall notify Members promptly of any changes to the aforementioned list, provided that any change will not determine the loss of the Miles earned by using the services of any of the removed Partners.


5.1 Miles are the basic unit of calculation used by the Promoters for the Program. Members earn Miles on the Airline's flights and on those of the Program Partner Airlines, as well as through the purchase of goods and services from the Promoters and Commercial Partners. Member earn Miles from all flights operated by or code-shared between SkyTeam Airlines, as well as on Alitalia flights code-shared with other Partner Airlines. No Miles will be earned from flights operated by Alitalia and/or the other Partner Airlines that are code-shared with airlines that are not partners of the Program. 

5.2 The number of Miles earned from flights is calculated based on the IATA TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage) distance or on the minimum number of Miles envisaged by the Program between the flight's departure and destination airports, on the booking class, and on the selected fare type, which corresponds to the selected fare level. For multi-leg flights, Miles are credited in relation to individual legs. The number of Miles credited is specified in the miles earning tables published in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications, as updated at the time that the ticket for each leg is used. The content of these tables is only valid for the period specified in the website www.alitalia.com. Services and products offered by Partner companies and eligible for Miles earning are shown in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. 
5.3 For Miles to be automatically credited, Members are required to quote their personal numerical code when booking flights and show their MilleMiglia Card when checking in at the airport. It may not be possible to credit Miles automatically at some airports. If Miles are not credited automatically, Members will be entitled to Later Crediting, provided a formal claim is submitted within four (4) months of taking the flight to which those Miles relate in the form specified in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. If the services or products of a Commercial Partner are used, Members are required to quote their personal numerical code when booking the service or purchasing the product. If Miles are not credited for a service or product offered by a Partner, it will be necessary to contact the Partner's Customer Centre directly. 
5.4 In the event that a Member is also registered in another Airline's loyalty program and flies with that Airline, he or she will not be able to have duplicate Miles credited to the account of that program as well as to the account of this Program. If the Promoters establish that a Member has fraudulently obtained duplicate Miles, they reserve the right to void the unduly credited Miles, exclude the Member from the Program, cancel any Rewards previously awarded but still unused, and claim damages therefor. 

5.5 Any tickets purchased but not used are not eligible for Miles. Miles due for using air transport services are credited to the Member's account only after the flights have been actually taken. 
5.6 Any flights purchased by Members but used by others are not eligible for Miles. 
5.7 The Promoters reserve the right to undertake promotional initiatives or enter into specific agreements through which Miles can be awarded on different grounds and in addition to those provided for in the present Regulations; these initiatives or agreements will be announced in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. 

5.8 Miles obtained after using the services or products of Commercial Partners are governed by the rules communicated by these Partners, which are usually posted on their websites (see the links in Annex A). 

5.9 Miles cannot be earned from flights taken as Rewards. 

5.10 Miles may not be earned on some special fares and/or booking classes of the Airline's flights and/or some of the Promoters' and/or Partners’ services and products with particularly discounted rates/prices. The Promoters do, however, reserve the right to attribute Miles for these special rates/prices during specific promotional campaigns, of which Members will be suitably notified. 

5.11 Benefits associated with Membership of the Exclusive Clubs cannot be claimed and Miles cannot be earned from flights that are free of charge or with discounts of over 40% on the applicable fare (excluding boarding or other charges and supplements) and/or identified by discount codes ID and AD. Any Miles credited from these flights will be cancelled.

5.12 Miles will not be credited from flights operated by airlines that are not Program Partners, even if originally booked through the Airline’s services or if the relevant ticket was issued for the Airline. However, if one of the Airline's flights is cancelled within 36 hours before departure and the flight is rebooked with an airline that is not a Program Partner, the Member will still be entitled to earn Miles for that flight. 

5.13 Charter flights are not eligible for Miles. 

5.14 Program Partners are the only parties responsible for the conditions for awarding Miles following the use of their services or the purchase of their products, and for the related crediting. Members who wish to use Partner services or products are required to check current applicable conditions with the Partners. The Promoters assume no liability for services or products offered by their Partners. Any related complaints must be addressed directly to those Partners. 

5.15 Miles cannot be traded by Members nor converted to cash. Any brokerage to purchase or sell Miles, transfer of miles not expressly allowed or unauthorized purchase of Miles are also forbidden. 
5.16 Miles earned by Members are detailed on their respective statements, which can be viewed in the website www.alitalia.com. Members are responsible for checking their own statements and any complaints will only be accepted if they relate to activities in the month prior to the date of the complaint. A statement is considered to have been approved one month after the last activity. In any event, the Promoters retain the right to not award Miles or to cancel any Miles mistakenly credited at any time. 

5.17 In the event of a free upgrade to a higher class of travel awarded by the Airline or one of the Partner Airlines for operational reasons, Members will be credited with the Miles according to the travel class shown on the ticket rather than the class actually flown. 

5.18 After a twenty four (24) month period, during which the Member has not carried out any earn activities, the Promoters will cancel the Miles from the Members’ account, which will be considered expired. Members are responsible for checking the expiration date of their own Miles. The Promoters are not required to communicate the cancellation of Miles pursuant to the above provision. 

5.19 Members may earn Miles under this Program until its expiry on 31 December 2017. Rewards may be claimed by Members until 31 January 2018, and will be awarded to each eligible Member concurrently with his or her claim, except for the Rewards that necessarily need to be delivered to the Member’s home, in which case reference shall be made to the terms specified in the pages dedicated to the relevant initiatives of the websites www.alitalia.com and millemigliagallery.com. 


6.1 Members can earn Miles on their own account for Alitalia flights flown by their children between 2 and 13 years of age. 

6.2 Each child between 2 and 13 years of age can be linked to the MilleMiglia code of one parent only, with the prior agreement and authorization of the other parent. 

6.3 Each Member, as parent, may also have more than one child linked to his or her account.
6.4 To do so, the parent must fill out the form published on the website www.alitalia.com. It can take up to 30 days to assign an identification code to the child and activate the promotional initiative in the system while the necessary checks are carried out. Where the email address provided by the Member at the time of registration is different from the address held in the Member database, the latest email address provided will replace the previous address. The new email address will be used for all future communications from the Promoters. 

6.5 The Miles that the child earns from each single flight will only be credited to the account of the parent (Member) that the child is linked to, and only for flights taken after the identification code assigned to the child has been provided, and according to the MilleMiglia Program regulations in force at the time of the flight, up to a maximum of 100% of the Miles to be flown to obtain a Reward (= base Miles), even if the fare has a higher mileage value. Miles cannot be earned from flights taken by children with promotional fares that would earn up to and including 100 Miles. 

6.6 The Miles earned from flights taken by children can never be used to renew or gain membership of the Exclusive Clubs. 

6.7 Parents cannot earn promotional Miles from flights taken by their child. The child's flight activities are not included in any promotional initiatives proposed or launched by the MilleMiglia Program or by the Promoters. 

6.8 Miles are formally credited to the parent's account, whether the child flies unaccompanied or with the parent or with a third party. If Miles are not credited, Later Crediting is possible subject to a formal claim submitted in the form prescribed in the present Regulations.

6.9 Once the child turns 14 years of age, the child's link to the parent's account will automatically end. For the first flight activity, the parent or person with parental authority may register the child on the Program by providing the child's identification code. From then on, the child's identification code will become his or her personal MilleMiglia code and all Miles will be credited directly to his or her account.

6.10 For children under the age of 18 the registration to the MilleMiglia Program and the transmission of personal information are subject to the consent and responsibility of their parents or the subjects who exercise the parental authority. 

6.11 The Promoters decline all liability for any false information provided by Members, which is punishable pursuant to Articles 483, 495, and 496 of the Italian Criminal Code and to the applicable special laws.


7.1 For Members to achieve the number of Miles required to obtain one of the Program Rewards, Members may buy Miles, receive them as a gift from other Program Members or transfer them from other Program Members against a fee. Pursuant to the provisions of Art. 3 of the Italian Presidential Decree of 26 October 2001, these rights are subject to a maximum limit of 75% of the number of Miles required to obtain a Reward. This number is shown in the tables in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. In other words, to obtain a Reward, a Member must earn at least 25% of the number of Miles required for the Reward. 
7.2 Members who have duly registered for the Program may buy, give or transfer Miles for themselves or for other registered Members by accessing, through the MilleMiglia section of the website www.alitalia.com, the portal of Points International Ltd., a company authorized by the Promoters to manage the Mile purchase and transfer service pursuant to a specific agreement. The headquarters of this Company are in the Province of Ontario, Canada (hereinafter referred to as "Points.com").



8.1 Members may claim Rewards on flights operated by the Airline and by Program Partner Airlines; Rewards cannot be claimed for code-share flights operated by Airlines that are not Program Partners. Any other information relating to the details of the above flights and to other Rewards is provided in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. 
8.2 Destinations for which and procedures through which Rewards can be claimed are shown in the relevant Rewards tables published in the website www.alitalia.com, where the number of Miles needed for each destination, for each travel class and for each kind of Reward are also specified. 
8.3 Rewards can be awarded to Members or to other people indicated by Members. Reward tickets may not be exchanged or sold. 

8.4 After earning the required number of Miles, Members can book a Reward flight by visiting the MilleMiglia section of the Alitalia website www.alitalia.com or by contacting the Customer Centre and specifying that their booking relates to a Reward. Bookings of Reward flights cannot be made through the Airline's travel agencies or ticket offices or through third-party Travel Agencies. 

8.5 Bookings will be automatically cancelled if the Reward air ticket is not issued within the time limit advised at the time of booking. 

8.6 Boarding charges, fuel surcharges and any other additional charges relating to the Reward, as detailed in the website www.alitalia.com and/or in Program Communications, shall always be debited to Members. 

8.7 Any Rewards claimed by calling the Customer Centre will be sent electronically. Boarding charges and fuel surcharges must be paid by credit card. Alternatively, Members may collect a Reward by going directly to one of the Airline's ticket offices after having made their booking through the Customer Centre. In such cases, airport charges and fuel surcharges may also be paid in cash and an issuance fee may have to be paid. 

8.8 In the event that the claimant of the Reward is not the holder of the MilleMiglia account in question, upon issue of the Reward, a copy of the ticket will be sent to the email address previously entered in the registration form of the Member who holds the account, as a confirmation that he or she is willing to issue a Reward ticket to a beneficiary, as well as to the address given by the beneficiary. Where no email address was entered in the submitted Member registration form (account holder), it will not be possible to issue Rewards to beneficiaries other than the to the account holder. 

8.9 In the event that the Reward is issued to a beneficiary or customer other than a MilleMiglia account holder, at the time of check-in, the beneficiary or customer must produce the necessary documentation relating to the Reward, i.e. the travel ticket, a personal identification document, a written proxy signed by the account holder and a photocopy of the account holder's identification document and MilleMiglia Card. 

8.10 Seats on board the Airline's flights that are reserved for Reward beneficiaries are limited and the availability of Rewards may vary depending on date, season and destination. From the date that the sale of seats on a given flight starts to the time that seats are sold out, Promoters guarantee that a minimum of two (2) Reward seats will be available. The availability of Reward seats on flights operated by Partner Airlines is not the responsibility of the Promoters, but of the Partner Airline. 
8.11 For each Reward, a maximum of two (2) transits at intermediate airports between the points of origin and destination are permitted. Passenger-requested stops (stopovers) are not permitted. For travel itineraries involving the use of more than one SkyTeam Airline, please check the relevant SkyTeam Awards table available in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. 
8.12 Beneficiaries of specific fare discounts (e.g. minors, students, elderly persons, etc.) are not entitled to any reduction of the number of Miles required for Rewards; they are entitled to the same Rewards by spending the same number of Miles as the other Members. 

8.13 Under no circumstances will Miles spent on Rewards be credited back to a Member's account. Reward tickets are valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issue, which cannot be extended. 

8.14 The Promoters reserve the right to issue promotional Reward tickets with a limited validity of less than twelve (12) months. Expired Rewards cannot be replaced or changed. 

8.15 Changes to Reward tickets (in terms of date/time, destination, beneficiary and/or itinerary and/or carrier) may be made as long as they occur within the validity period of the Reward (if the beneficiary changes, the previously assigned seat cannot be guaranteed). Changes shall be made against a cash fee or a deduction in Miles (the relevant amount can be found in the website www.alitalia.com) if required by the type of Reward. If a change in itinerary results in residual Miles, these will be lost and will under no circumstances be returned or refunded to the Member. Any changes must be made by the MilleMiglia Customer Centre; changes made by other offices of the Promoters, the Airline’s or third parties’ Travel Agencies or other Airlines are not permitted. 
8.16 Changes of itinerary and/or beneficiary of a partially used ticket can be made only upon payment of a fee as specified in the website www.alitalia.com. Any such change requires first that the Miles from the unused return flight(s) be credited back to the Member’s account and then that a corresponding one-way Reward ticket be issued according to the Rewards table in effect for this ticket type. 

8.17 Rewards cannot be used on Airlines other than those specified on the ticket.

8.18 No change of beneficiary or reimbursement is permitted in the case of a Reward ticket issued and the subsequent death of the MilleMiglia Member holding it.

8.19 The current Alitalia General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage apply to the rules on carrier liability in relation to flights operated for the redemption of Rewards (available in the website www.alitalia.com). 

8.20 For Mile quantities other than those indicated in the standard table, Members may claim a Reward ticket with special advantages/restrictions, as specified from time to time in the website www.alitalia.com together with the procedures for using these Rewards. 

8.21 The approximate value of individual Rewards shall be determined based on air fares in effect at the time the Rewards are issued. 



8.22 As a Reward, Members can also request a travel class upgrade for tickets purchased for flights (individual legs) operated by the Airline. However, upgrading depends on the actual availability of Reward seats on board in the higher class. These seats are limited in number. The procedures and the booking classes that allow for an upgrade and the mileage necessary to obtain an upgrade are specified on the relevant pages of the website www.alitalia.com, and in the Program Communications. Upgrade requests can only be made once a ticket has been issued and within the specified time frame and according to the applicable procedure. The beneficiary of the service may be the Member and/or a person holding a paid ticket indicated by the Member. Waiting-list upgrades are not permitted. Miles used for upgrades may not be credited back and no changes to the itinerary and/or date and/or beneficiary are permitted for upgrades that have already been confirmed. Miles credited for flights on which an upgrade was obtained correspond to the amount awarded for that flight in Economy class. The conditions of the original ticket remain valid in the event of an upgrade. 



8.23 Members can use any Miles earned to make donations to Associations participating in the MilleMiglia Charity Program by following the instructions in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. Donated Miles may neither and under any circumstances be converted to cash for the purpose of a refund, nor credited back to the Member's account, nor be available for reuse by the Member. The times and procedures for using this type of Reward are specified on the Alitalia website and should be carefully read by Members. 



8.24 Members of the MilleMiglia Program can use any Miles earned to claim Reward items and services from the MilleMiglia Gallery online catalogue, which is available in the website www.millemigliagallery.it. Any terms and conditions to claim such Rewards, and all Rewards listed in the catalogue are specified on the Gallery webpage and should be carefully read by Members. 



8.25 Members of the MilleMiglia Program can use any Miles earned to obtain a discount on the purchase of air tickets at standard public fares. The discount value will vary depending on the number of Miles used. Discounts will exclusively apply to flights operated by Alitalia within the Alitalia network (excluding code share flights) and, more specifically, to the total price of the air ticket (including boarding charges, surcharges and other charges) from a minimum of EUR 25.00 (equivalent to 5,000 miles) to a maximum of 25% of the total price. Cash & Miles is available in a number of currencies, as detailed in the tables published the website www.alitalia.com, for the purchase of air tickets on the terms and conditions specified in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. 

8.26 Miles awarded for flights bought using the Cash & Miles promotion are those specified in the MilleMiglia Program Regulations based on the fare of the ticket bought. For all matters not expressly addressed in the present Regulations, we refer you to the Terms and Conditions of the promotion, which are available on the website www.alitalia.com



8.27 MilleMiglia coupons and vouchers are considered Rewards. 

8.28 The Promoters reserve the right to offer other Rewards or other opportunities to use miles on the terms and conditions published on the Alitalia website. They also reserve the right to define promotional initiatives for limited periods or solely reserved for Members who belong to the Exclusive Clubs.


9.1 Members who earn the required number of Qualifying Miles or Qualifying Flights indicated in the website www.alitalia.com and/or in the Program Communications are automatically registered for the Ulisse Club, the Freccia Alata Club or the Freccia Alata Plus Club free of charge.

Qualifying Miles can be obtained from 1 January to 31 December of each year of validity of the Program by using the services of the Airline or of the SkyTeam Airlines or other Partner companies, where specifically stated. Membership of the Exclusive Clubs implies the recognition by the Promoters of the benefits and advantages specified in the website www.alitalia.com and/or the Program Communications. The Promoters reserve the right to modify these benefits and advantages at their sole discretion for the full duration of the MilleMiglia Program, and will inform Members accordingly with sufficient prior notice. The Promoters also reserve the right to modify and/or revoke the status of “Freccia Alata Plus Per Sempre” Member for both new and existing Members, and will inform Members accordingly with at least 6 month’s prior notice. In addition to the above, the Promoters reserve the right to allow particular Member categories to participate in the Ulisse Club, the Freccia Alata Club or the Freccia Alata Plus Club or to allow such participation in relation to specific promotional initiatives. 

9.2 Registration in the Ulisse, Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus Clubs is valid until March 31 of the second year after the year in which the Qualifying Miles were earned or the Qualifying Flights were taken for the recognition of the status, except when a different date is expressly specified in relation to specific promotional initiatives. 

9.3 The Qualifying Miles required to access the Exclusive Clubs are only mean to be a reference threshold and do not affect the option to use the Miles earned for claiming Rewards as the Qualifying Miles are not deducted from the Member's account at the time of access to the Exclusive Club, unless otherwise stated in relation to a specific promotional initiative. 

9.4 The status as a Member of the Ulisse, Freccia Alata Club or Freccia Alata Plus Club will take effect from the beginning of the month following the date on which the achievement of the threshold of Miles required to access the Clubs is recorded in the Program management systems. 

9.5 The benefits associated with the Ulisse, Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus Club statuses are not granted to Members of the MilleMiglia Program in the cases provided for in clause 5.11. 

9.6 The Promoters reserve the right to grant Members the opportunity to access one or more Exclusive Clubs at any time either free of charge or against payment of a fee.


10.1 In view of the role of Program Co-Promoter and manager assumed by Alitalia Loyalty S.p.A., in accordance with art. 5 of Presidential Decree 430/2001, Alitalia Loyalty is to be considered Co-Controller together with Alitalia of the personal data of customers registered with the MilleMiglia Program, pursuant to art. 28 of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003 as subsequently amended and supplemented). The aforementioned companies have an equal interest in relation to the Program's objectives and equal decision-making authority in respect of its management. 

10.2 As Alitalia Loyalty's primary objective is to manage and develop services related to the Program in order to promote customer loyalty, Alitalia has named Alitalia Loyalty as Data Processor pursuant to and for the purposes of Art. 29 of the Privacy Code, with particular regard to the role of Program manager, and customer relations management. By the same token, Alitalia Loyalty has named Alitalia as Data Processor, with particular regard to infrastructure, system and security management. 

10.3 All personal data provided either at registration or at a later date shall be processed by the Controllers in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations on personal data protection and, in particular, the Privacy Code. 

10.4 Personal data must be processed in order to manage Members' participation in the Program, allocate any Rewards to Members, provide the other benefits associated with their participation in the Program and their cardholder status, and supply any related services, in accordance with the present Regulations. The Controllers will also process special data categories that Members supply when registering for the Program in the website www.alitalia.com. This information relates to meal preferences and allocated seats on flights operated by Alitalia or Partners. This information is useful in order to offer Program Members a more personalized service. By selecting their preferred options and registering for the Program in the website www.alitalia.com, Members give their consent for the Controllers to use any data that may disclose such aspects as their health status, potential religious affiliation and possible membership of a particular ethnic group (e.g. when Members choose a diabetic meal or a kosher menu). This data will only be used to provide Members with personalized services. Data may occasionally be disclosed to third-party service providers (such as check-in operators other than Alitalia) for the aforementioned purposes only. The disclosure of such data is optional and any failure to supply it will have no effect on Members' registration for and participation in the Program. 

10.5 The correct performance of the aforementioned data processing activities implies that Members' personal data may be accessed by the Controllers' sales staff and by third-party service providers in the context of the Program (for example, direct marketing companies, market analysts, Customer Centres, standardization companies, IT service providers or customer care service providers) for purposes strictly related to and instrumental in managing the Program and, subject to Members' prior consent, for commercial communication purposes; the Controllers’ sales staff shall act as “Data Supervisors” for the Controllers, whereas the third-party service providers shall act as “Processors” of such data. A list of third-party companies providing services associated with the Program and acting as the “Processors” of Members’ personal data is available at the Controllers' offices. The Controllers shall ensure that the personal data in question is processed in accordance with the principles of necessity, lawfulness, accuracy, quality of data and proportionality and, in any case, by methods and means that ensure data confidentiality. Data will be processed electronically, manually or in paper form. Processing will consist of data comparison, classification, calculation and sorting into lists, all in accordance with the minimum security requirements to protect the confidentiality of the subject to which the data relates (“data subject”) and to avoid the risk of data being accessed by unauthorized third parties. All data, grouped into categories and/or clusters in anonymous form, may be used in the Controllers' statistical analyses to check the marketing preferences of their customers. The Controllers also warrant and represent that any personal data relating to Program Members shall exclusively be used for purposes related to their participation in the Program, and for sending organizational information to Members regarding their Membership status and the possible expiration of benefits associated with the Program. All data provided by Members at registration and/or at a later date may also be used, subject to the Member's prior consent, for sending commercial communications and for direct marketing purposes, as well as for profiling and market research purposes, always subject to the Member's prior consent. Any disclosure or dissemination of data not required by legislation or not expressly authorized by Members is hereby excluded. 

10.6 Navigation in the website www.alitalia.com implies the collection of specific information to identify the user’s computer or browser by means of tracking files usually known as "cookies". Cookies are encrypted text strings that can be stored onto the user’s mobile phone (in case of access to the mobile website) or the user’s computer so as to enable its quick identification at a later time. Cookies configured for a mobile website will only store information related to the user’s Given Name, Family Name and Ticket Number. Computer cookies, instead, are designed to personalize the visited website to each user and make it easier for him or her to surf it; in addition, by measuring the number of accesses to the various webpages, the returned results will be optimized by giving priority to the information most requested by the user. For further details and in order to be informed of and/or accept the current cookies policy, we recommend visiting the privacy section of the website www.alitalia.com

10.7 Personal data will be processed for the full duration of the Program and its subsequent editions, on the terms and conditions set out in the present Regulations, and will be stored after its expiration and/or a Member's withdrawal for the exclusive purpose of handling complaints and administrative and/or accounting disputes depending on the statutory period for the time-barring of Members’ claims. Nevertheless, personal data will be kept for profiling or direct marketing purposes for a period not exceeding 12 and 24 months, respectively, from when it was registered, unless it is effectively anonymized to prevent the identification of the data subjects either directly or indirectly, or by reference to other databases. Any personal data whose archiving is unnecessary for the purposes for which it was collected and processed will be deleted or anonymized by both the Controllers and any third parties to which it was disclosed for the aforementioned purposes. 

10.8 On registering for the Program, all personal data marked by an asterisk (*) are required in order to fully participate in the Program and related initiatives, and to fulfil any legal requirements. Any refusal to provide the required personal data, whether in full or in part, whether at the time of registration or throughout the Program period may prevent the Controllers and third-party service providers acting within the context of the Program from fully implementing it or correctly fulfilling any obligations arising from it. On the other hand, supplying personal data other than that marked by an asterisk (*) is optional and any failure to supply it will not affect the Member's registration and participation in the Program in any way. 

10.9 Members will be given the appropriate information on the processing of their personal data that is collected for the sole purposes of the Program. Consent will be requested for each purpose separately, if required by law. Specifically, Members are entitled to freely express their preferences in respect of the processing of their personal data, whereby they may also state their wishes for each of the identified purposes, including the mailing of any commercial communications and all Program Communications, except for organizational information regarding their Membership status and the expiration of benefits. Members may at any time change their data, their expressed preferences and their given consent(s) by updating their MilleMiglia profile in the Program section of the website www.alitalia.com or by contacting the Customer Centre. 

10.10 All of the Members concerned have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of their personal data, know its contents and its source, check its accuracy or request that it be supplemented, updated or rectified at all times. Members also have the right to request the deletion, anonymization or blocking of any data processed in violation of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Code, and object, in any case, to its processing for legitimate reasons. One such request – addressed to Alitalia, which will answer in association with Alitalia Loyalty – shall be sent in writing, with a handwritten signature and an attached copy of a valid identity document, to the email address privacy@alitalia.com. The Italian Data Protection Authority requires the compilation of a special form for the “Exercise of rights in relation to personal data protection”, which can be downloaded from its website. 

10.11 In order to withdraw from the Program, Members are required to send a written request bearing reference to their personal MilleMiglia code with an attached and countersigned copy of a valid identity document to the email address privacy@alitalia.com or to the Customer Centre fax number +39 06 65627132/7133. Any unspent Miles still credited on the account will be cancelled at the time of closing a Member Card.


11.1 The Promoters may temporarily suspend or terminate the Program before the expiration date specified in clause 5.19 above exclusively with just cause, in accordance with Article 1989 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code.

11.2 The Promoters will give notice to the Members of any temporary suspension Program or its early termination through the website www.alitalia.com or in the Program Communications. In the event of early termination the Promoters will use their best efforts to give related notice to the Members at least thirty (30) days prior to termination, whilst the temporary suspension may be communicated directly after its occurrence, being understood that the Promoters will endeavor to communicate both events with appropriate time limits. 

11.3 In the event of early termination of the Program the Members will be entitled to use the accrued Miles within six (6) months after the date of termination. In any case of early termination of the Program members will not be entitled to use the accrued Miles for the request of Rewards within the current Program edition after 31 January 2018, irrespective of the date of effectiveness of the early termination of the Program, because the aforementioned term represents the deadline for the request of any Reward.


12.1 For anything not expressly provided for or governed by the present Regulations, reference shall be made to the applicable laws and regulations, in particular to the Italian Presidential Decree no. 430 of 26 October 2001 (published in Italy’s Official Journal no. 289 of 13 December 2001) concerning "Reform of the legal provisions governing contests, reward programs and local events with raffles pursuant to art. 19, par. 4 of law no. 449 of 27 December 1997".

12.2 In case of conflict between the present Regulations and the aforementioned Decree, the latter shall prevail. 

Annex A