MilleMiglia Young


  • The MilleMiglia Young Program is available to all MilleMiglia members between 14 and 25 years old 
  • For members between 14 and 18 years old, registration is subject to the explicit consent of a parent or legal guardian
  • For members between 14 and 18 years old, certification of the minor's age is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardian
  • Alitalia declines all responsibility for any false information provided by members, punishable pursuant to Articles 483, 495, 496 of the Italian Penal Code and applicable laws
  • To participate in the MilleMiglia Young Program, you must be a member of the MilleMiglia Program and fulfill the age and residence requirements stipulated in the regulations
  • To join the program, members must give their express consent either when signing up to the MilleMiglia Program or by updating their profile on the Alitalia website or by contacting Alitalia Customer Service
  • MilleMiglia Young members can enjoy advantages and benefits in addition to all those normally offered by the MilleMiglia Program. The advantages and benefits of the MilleMiglia Young Program are described on the Alitalia website
  • MilleMiglia Young membership will automatically end once members turn 26 years old and all benefits related to the program will no longer be available. MilleMiglia membership will continue, with all the benefits and advantages offered by this program
  • Members may leave the MilleMiglia Young Program at any time prior to membership expiration
  • When a member leaves the MilleMiglia Young Program whether due to age restrictions or voluntarily, the miles earned up to that date will remain valid in his or her account
  • Alitalia reserves the right to change, even in part and at any time, the regulations regarding participation in the MilleMiglia Young program, after informing the member of such changes and protecting his or her previously acquired rights
  • The conditions of the MilleMiglia Program shall prevail over matters not covered in these regulations